B – Benchwarmer, Black Kronstadt, Breakwater, Bum, etc.

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Carey Mercer and Breakwater.



Jode Shortreed, Steve Simard, ??



Hugh Pomeroy (drums), Michael Gallant (vocals), Murray Acton (replaced Steve Dohnberg), Tim Johnson (guitar)


“Kilroyal Was Here” (cassette, 1995, God Records) – The Great Banana Off/Netherweed/Oil Tanker/I’m Spent/Grim/But I Got Texas/Eye Revolving Robot/Pimplehead Working at the Slaughter House/Hockey/Stalking Walter/Noodlesneeze/Lip o’ Tubesteak/Pimple Reprise/Pig Badge Bulge/Eat Pavement Shitbag/Flying Axehead/The Greatest Gift


[Played a couple shows. Joke band.]

Tanya ?, Vanya McDonell, ??


[Similar to Paul Block’s other band, Render Useless, but more pop-punk than melodic hardcore. A Last FM page for the band is here.]

Dan Ferneyhough (bass), Eric ? (drums), Paul Block (guitar/vocals)


Benchwarmer+cover“Pud” (7”, 1994, Slow To Burn Records) – Highchair/Weirdo/Bigot

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (LP/cassette/CD, 1994/1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – The Death of Punk Rock

V/A – “Please Don’t Feed the Pigeons” (CD, 1996, Skooby Snack Records – Vancouver, BC) – Wage Equals Slavery

V/A – “Group Therapy Explosion…” (CD, 1996, Slow To Burn Records) – Trouser Tent

Unreleased recording – Most Common Excuses


[Punk rock. The debut cassette was recorded by Kent Webb. Guitarist/vocalist Lettucehead dubbed all of the copies of their cassette, maybe 25-30, at home with a ghetto blaster, according to drummer Luke Burgess. They band only played a 2-3 shows, including one in Langford. Band members later moved to Alberta. “The way  I remember is that Lettuce met Billie in Jasper Alberta,they moved here for a couple years, then they moved back to Alberta and broke up,” says Burgess. “Lettuce put a different name on each tape in felt pen… mostly, fuck this… fuck that… fuck everything.”]

Lettucehead (Chris Hughes) (guitar/vocals), Billie Jean Miller (a.k.a. BIL) (bass), Luke Burgess (drums) (replaced ?)


?? (cassette, 1995) – ??

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – When Will It End?

V/A – “Sex with Nothing” (CD, Rat’s Nest/Em Tee Head Productions, 2002) – Drinking Class Heros


[Pre-Banana Royal, 1990-1992. From vocalist Josh Blaser: “We started jamming at the Death Pit and writing songs. [Guitarist] John [Williams] played insane feedback guitar and through the use of quantum physics and pure sorcery, used his classic Austin Mini to transport the gear when needed, and Hugh, well, Hugh drove the band like some merciless task-master always cajoling us to try something else. We shared influences, beer and pot and believed we were on the edge of something great as we mostly wrote a bunch of punk angst shit, but it felt like symphonies to us. Eventually we decided we were ready to play for an audience – ha! However, we had no bass player. Dale Rice of Our Testicles Touch the Ground hooked us up with a guy named Ian Teeple (a.k.a. Cliff Syringe) and we jammed out a few practice sessions and then got ourselves in to a roster at one of the Death Pit Shows. For the life of me I can’t remember who else played that night, but I know many of the other miscreants were there. Our show was equal parts genius (sublime segues) and utterly embarrassing (inflatable neon green guitar solo), or so I choose to remember it. In fact, the entire debacle was videotaped, but in the ensuing after-party jubilation back at my place, the tape was lost… Hugh never forgave me. One of the parts I remember very well is that as I walked off the stage, covered in sweat and self importance, I felt the heat of the room and stepped out on the balcony while Dale and others congratulated me, and then I subsequently projectile vomited all over the parking lot below. The sweet taste of stardom.”]

Hugh Pomeroy (drums), John Williams (guitar), Josh Blaser (vocals), Ian Teeple (a.k.a. Cliff Syringe) (bass), Tim Johnson (bass)

B.H. (a.k.a. BITCHUNT)


Andrew Walker (drums), Little Rob Tringingham (guitar), Tania Wegwitz (bass) (replaced Adam ?), Zach Samuels (vocals)


“Bitchunt” demo (cassette, 1995, Monkey Wreck-Chords) – Bikini Girl/My God/Punk Rocky/Deep River Apts./?/Bitchunt/Jelvis/Just Buzzing Around/Possible Names for Dave’s Band/Jim Beamed/Oolay Oolay

“Suckerpunch” demo (cassette, 1996) – Jelvis/Easy Cheese/Confused/Punk Rocky/Deep River APTS./Bill Cosby/Jim Beamed/New Joisey/Grindmaster/Deoderant/Motel Sex/Steve Luvs Karla/The Body/Mutha Teresa (cover of Nomeansno’s Teresa, Give Me that Knife)


[Shows took place in the gym of the Fernwood Community Centre, dubbed “Big Fernwood.” Sound was routinely echoey and horrible.]


[“A community gathering dedicated to radical social change.” The cafe has an open stage at the Little Fernwood for artists and musicians.]



[Anarchist crust/metal. A Last FM page for the band can be found here. An Encyclopadia Metallum page for the band is here. An excerpt about the band from the book “Only the Beginning: An Anarchist Anthology,” by Alan Antliff is here.]

Cliff Shemilt (vocals) (replaced Luke Taylor), Max Sloan (poetry), Nicki ? (vocals) (replaced Nonni Urich ?), Wolf Edwards (guitar/bass on LP), Danny Hourigan (guitar), Tom (drums) (replaced Dez Carpenter, who replaced Dan Wear), Mike Croy (bass) (replaced Dean ?) [Other previous members – Genna Pyewacket (violin), Lorena ? (vocals/violin, 1994).]


Unknown“Crimes of Capital Crimes of the State” (7”, 1994, Hierarkill Records) – Tragedy/Law of the Land/Turning Point/Power Lies/Low Intensity Conflict/Cyber

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (LP/cassette/CD, 1994/1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Take Aim

“Crimes of Capital/Crimes of the State” demo (cassette, 1994, Hierarkill Records) – Tragedy/Cyber/International Murder Fund/Turning Point/Power Lies/All Cyst’ems Down/Low Intensity Conflict/Law of the Land/Take Aim

Unknown-1.(null)“A World to Win” (7”, 1995, Consensus Reality) – Last Supper/All Cyst’ms Down/Antifa

V/A – “Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Benefit Compilation” (cassette, 1996, Carpe Diem Records – Nanaimo, BC) – Last Supper (live)/Low Intensity Conflict (live)

V/A – “Retrogression #10/Warning: May Provoke Thought #6” (zine with 7”, 1996, Retrogression/Warning: May Provoke Thought – Attleboro, MA/Pittsburgh, PA) – I.M.F.

BlackKronstadt“The Free Spirit” (LP, 1998, Mind Control Records – Austin, TX) – Lament for the Makers of Song (on a Poem by Kenneth Patchen) (Max Sloan)/Generation Useless/International Murder Fund/News to You/N.A.S.T.A./Everything Is Political War (Max Sloan)/Atom Nuclei/Arms Change Hands/Scenes from Gustafsen Lake/Paranoid Delusions “Hey Wolfcookie, How’s the Surf?/Fight the Power! It’s Self Defense.”

V/A – “The Dollar Show & Trial” (video, 1999?, Frontline Films)


Joe Houle (bass), Matt Lock (drums), Mombo (vocals), Will ? (guitar)


V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (cassette/CD, 1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Indigenous

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Lifer

V/A – “Group Therapy Explosion…” (CD, 1996, Slow To Burn Records) – Officer Down

V/A – “Merge, Merge!: A Rainforest Action Network Benefit Compilation” (cassette, 1998?, Dopamine – Kingston, ON) – Reservation


[Heavy hardcore. Listed organizations such as PETA, Food Not Bombs, and contact info in one of the demos.]

Cam Pipes (vocals), Graham ? (guitar), Paul Hawley (drums/vocals), Tim ? (bass)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1997) – Infernal/Last Mutilation/Devour/Immaculate Deception/2000 Years War/Coffin Nails/Cancer/Infinite Mallet Pressure

Self-titled demo (cassette, 1997) – Hatch/Last Mutilation/Cancer/Infernal/Hindguts/Conception Crisis

V/A – “Undergound: An Anthology of Canadian Underground Music Volume 2” (CD, 199?, Meathead Records – Thunder Bay, ON) – Hind Guts


[Pre-Gallery 6. College rock.]


“Stop Dreaming…” demo (cassette, 1994)

“Name that Band” demo (cassette, 199?)


[Only played about five shows, two or three in Victoria, before all things broke apart, but played a couple shows as Electric Mistress the year before. Were they from Duncan/Nanaimo?]

Drue Swalwell (guitar), John Korneluk (bass/vocals), Maurie Kaufmann (drums), Ryan Clarke (guitar/vocals)


[A.k.a. Fustion and the Bombasts. Ska, 10-piece! Describe themselves as “horn-driven skalytical two-tone teenage Victoria stuff.” Played some all-ages shows but mostly played bars.]

Cam Wigmore (saxophone), Christian Stevenson (bass), Jules Charles (drums), Zsolt Sandor (vocals), plus six other unknown members.

BOOMTOWN RECORDS [record store]

[Primarily an electronic music record store, Boomtown had a good selection of punk/indie music in late 1997 and 1998 when Oliver worked there and was in charge of ordering. Tavis Zine Distro (Greg Pratt) also supplied them with zines during this time. They later stopped selling punk music or zines.]


[Booked punk shows, also a record label: Trip Wyre, Names Taken, Andre’s Last Chance, Undergo.]

Founders: Nathan Cunnings, Nev Gibson, Scott Laming


[Did two recordings, according to Jason Flower, and played a three-day festival in Calgary with The Ramones, Bad Brains, Dayglos, etc. etc. in 1993, according to The Cruiser.]

The Cruiser (Jeff Kruys) (vocals/clarinet), Paul Chantry (guitar), Steve Dohnberg (bass), Tim Youell (drums) [previous members included – Jason Flower (guitar), Niall McLachlan (guitar).]

Two unreleased recordings?


[Melodic skate punk/hardcore.]

Dan Wear (drums) (replaced Devan ?), Jake Warren (vocals), Jon (guitar), Paul Turner (guitar), Mark Morrison (bass) (replaced Tom ?)


“Second Captain First Pick” demo (cassette, 1993) – 658/Try Hard/Taste/Clued/New Under 12/Distortion-Headgear/6-Up/Assbastard/Joe Name/Dirt Nap

V/A – “Wade-Free Wherever: A SCHtufff… Compilation” (CD, 1995, SCHtufff… – Powell River, BC) – Undone/Judgement Time


[Released tons of local releases during 1990-2000. Immense discography, with over 80 releases, mostly local, to follow.]

Founder: Jason Flower


Founder: Paul Burrows


[From the band’s Last FM page: “Breakwater was an emo/hardcore band from Victoria, Canada. They combined that post-rock sound with soft-loud dynamics. The original line-up featured Dave Truscott (who also played in Letters to the Lord Himself andHoneysuckle Serontina), Jode Shortreed (Republic of Freedom Fighters, Letters to the Lord Himself, Honeysuckle Serontina), Steve Simard (Republic of Freedom Fighters) and Dave Wenger (Daddy’s HandsAche Hour CredoM Blanket. This line-up released a Five-Song cassette in 1994. Two of these songs, Five and Seven, were re-released as a self-titled 7” on Static (#001) in 1995. Dave was replaced by Carey Mercer (Republic of Freedom Fighters, Frog EyesSwan Lake) in 1995. This line-up released a song, Eleven, on a split 7-inch with Closure on Mountain Records and another one, Twelve, on Compilation 12” entitled ‘I Can’t Live Without It.’ Both records were released on Mountain Records from NY in 1996, and their catalog numbers are MTN #007 and MTN #009 respectively. The band broke up shortly after. Another song from the cassette, One, was posthumously released on a compilation CD entitled ‘A Benefit Compilation Brought To You By Mayfly’ in 1997.”]

Carey Mercer (guitar/vocals) (replaced Dave Wenger in 1995), Dave Truscott (guitar), Jode Shortreed (drums/vocals), Steve Simard (bass/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1995) – Two/Four/One/Five/Seven

Self-titled (7”, 1995, Static Records, Static #001) – Five/Seven [“Decent?/Yeah, it’s not half bad,” read the vinyl etching.]

Breakwater/Closure split (7”, 1996, Linkwork Records – Oceanside, NY/Mountain Records – Huntington, NY, MTN #007) – Eleven (Closure – Rockville Centre, NY – songs not listed)

V/A – “I Can’t Live Without It” (LP, 1996, Mountain Records – Huntington, NY, MTN #009) – Twelve

V/A – “A Benefit Compilation Brought to You by Mayfly” (CD, 1997, ??) – One

Unreleased recordings – Ten/Fourteen/Twelve/One (with Ben Cherry of Render Useless on vocals)


Cam ? (guitar/vocals), Liam ? (bass/vocals), Pete ? (trombone), Shane ? (drums)


“This Is Where the Mustache Goes” demo (cassette, 1998) – Nicole/Slo Ska/Exp/Happy Days/Pick Up/Raw Chunder/B+E/Preppy/Tequila/Cannon Ball/The Man


[Pop-punk. Magic Teeth zine, run by Gareth Gaudin, did a tribute issue to them in Feb. ’98, issue #46. Bum had mascot named Ugly Dick Tater who appeared on the cover of some of their releases. Were known for doing a lot of cover songs. “Man, we recorded a lotta covers, didn’t we?,” says guitarist/vocalist Andrew Molloy. “A by-product of putting out too many singles, split singles, comp. appearances, etc.” Moved to Vancouver in 1995. “In the interest of total completeness, I know we were also on a couple of cassette-only comps., one of which was in the series the X-Ray Cafe in Portland put out,” says Molloy. “I think they recorded all the shows there (we played there in Spring of ’93) and put live stuff onto compilation cassettes which they only sold at the cafe. I believe our version of Young People (by the Pooh Sticks, another cover!) was on one of them but I don’t have it, haven’t seen it, and can’t find any listing on the internet for it…” A collection of the band’s singles, put together by the Willfully Obscure blog, can be found here. A band fan page with lots of info can be found here. Their CBC band page can be found here. Bum’s entry in the Museum of Canadian Music can be found here. A tribute CD to the band, titled “I Said Sometimes,” came out on Magic Teeth Records in 2003.]

Andrew Molloy (guitar/vocals/keyboards), Kevin Lee (bass/vocals), Graham Watson (drums) (replaced Jamie Fulton), Nick Thomas (guitar), Rob Nesbitt (guitar/vocals) [Vancouver incarnation members included Terry Russell (Slow, Tankhog) on drums and Nick Thomas (Smugglers, Tranzmitors) on guitar).


“A Promise Is a Promise” (7”, 1991, Lance Rock Records, LRR003 – Nanaimo, BC) – A Promise Is a Promise/Wedding Day [Vinyl etching: “This is my happening/and it freaks me out.”]

“Debbiespeak” (7” gold vinyl, 1992, Lance Rock Records, LRR006 – Nanaimo, BC) – Debbiespeak/Bullet (Misfits cover) [Vinyl etching: “The nearer they get to the bottom./The closer they get to the top.”]

“At the Well” (7” green vinyl, 1992, Lucky Records, LKY006 – Seattle, WA) – At the Well/Poolhall Richard (Faces cover)

“The Bum Go Crazy!” (7” red vinyl, 1992, Au-Go-Go Records, ANDA153 – Victoria, Australia) – Your Disciple/Weekend (Dictators cover) [Vinyl etching: “Haunts Tieleman/Thanks Adny” (“The run-off message refers to the fact that Jack Tieleman, from Lance Rock Records, didn’t like the lyrics of Your Disciple and said they ‘haunted’ him,” remembers guitarist/vocalist Andrew Molloy. “‘Adny’ was Andy Shernoff, songwriter/leader of Dictators, who went by ‘Adny’ when he wrote the song Weekend.]

V/A – “Blobs Vol. 3 – Bum and Scott Henderson” (7”, 1992, Way Out! Records, WO003) – Where in the World/The Last Castrato/O.K. Wine/I Wanna Be “Bob Mayo on the keyboards/Bob Mayo”

images“Wanna Smash Sensation!” (CD, 1993, Popllama Records, PLCD333 – Seattle, WA) – Debbiespeak/Your Disciple/When She Walked/The Eternal Ideal/Bent on Being Bent/I Hardly Breath/Mallory/Instant Kool Ayd/At the Well/A Promise Is a Promise/I’m Not One/No Idea/[bonus track]

“Wanna Smash Sensation!” (CD, 1993, 1+2 Records, 1+2CD037 – Japan) – same as above w/two bonus songs – Lift Up Your Hood (DMZ cover)/Bullet (Misfits cover)

“Wanna Smash Sensation!”  (LP, 1993, Munster Records, MR030 – Spain) – same as above

“I Am Superwoman” (CD, 1993, Au-Go-Go Records, ANDA169 – Victoria, Australia) – Your Name Was Next to Mine/I Wanna Be/Weekend (Dictators cover)/Bent on Being Bent/1983/Got Yourself Together/Don’t Come Close to Me (Teengenerate cover)/Your Disciple/Oh No (Only Ones cover)/My Pal (GOD cover)

“I Am Superwoman” (LP, 1994, Munster Records, MR051) – same as above, although vinyl version substitutes Raped and Freezin’ (Alice Cooper cover) for Your Disciple because the song had already been released in Spain on “Wanna Smash Sensation!”

Bum/The Smugglers – “Tattoo Dave” split (7” red vinyl, 1994, Top Drawer Records, TDRV06 – US) – Lift Up Your Hood (DMZ cover) (The Smugglers – Vancouver, BC – Kiss Like a Nun, also a cover of the Rolling Stones song Hang Fire, by the Bumglers, which was a collaboration between Bum and the Smugglers.)

images-1“Mrs. Rock and Roll” (7”, 1994, One Louder Records, LOUD2 – England) – Mrs. Rock And Roll/Won’t Look Back (Dead Boys cover)

Bum/Innerface – “Invention Series Number 4″ split (7”, 975 copies, 1994, First Strike Records, 4INV-4 – England) – Resolution #1-21 (Innerface – Belgium – songs not listed)

BUM/Fifi and the Mach III split (7”, 1994, 1+2 Records, 1+2EP049 – Japan) – Why Go Out Of Your Way

“Shaketown!” live (CD/LP, 1994, Imposible Records, IMP034 – Madrid, Spain) – Debbie Speak/I Wanna Be/When She Walked/Instant Kool Ayd/Lift Up Your Hood (DMZ cover)/Wedding Day/1983/Why Go Out of Your Way/Eternal Ideal/A Promise Is a Promise/HI-C Half/Your Name Was Next to Mine/I Hardly Breathe/Mrs. Rock-N-Roll/Sea and Sand (The Who cover)/Depression (Black Flag cover)

“Bum vs. Teengenerate” split (double 7”, 1994, Lance Rock Records, LRR013 – Nanaimo, BC) – Here Comes the Magic/Don’t Come Close to Me (Teengenerate cover) (Teengenerate songs – Japan, not listed)

V/A – “Ace High Straight” (CD, 1994, Imposible/Lucky Records, IMP036 – Spain) – Poolhall Richard (Faces cover)

V/A – “13 Soda Punx: A Top Drawer Compilation” (CD/LP, 1994, Top Drawer Records, TDRV8/Munster Records – Germany) – Confidential (with Kim Warnick) (Modernettes cover) (label listed the song as “Strictly Confidential” in error)

V/A – “La la Internacional” (CD, 1994, Munster Records, MRCD062 – Spain) – I Wanna Be

V/A – “On Guard for Thee” (CD/LP, 1995, Au-Go-Go, ANDA 204 – Australia/Rock & Roll Inc., R&R-INC006 – Spain) – Mrs. Rock N Roll

V/A – “Oh Canaduh!- A Collection of Canadian Punk Rock Covers” (LP/CD, 1995, Lance Rock Records, LRR-019 – Nanaimo, BC) – Screaming Fist (Viletones cover)

“Make It or Break It” (12″ EP, 1995, Imposible Records, IMP038 -Madrid, Spain) – O Cookie/Really Outta Tune/Savage (Fun Things cover)/Vitamin V/Disaster Movies/Kill (Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias cover)/The Right On Girl/Headin’ for the Texas Border (Flamin’ Groovies cover)

BUM/Pleasure Fuckers/Dr. Explosion/Vivoras – “La Marraca” split (7″, 1995, CC001EP – Spain) – Screaming Fist (Viletones cover) (“But it’s a different mix from the version on the Oh Canaduh comp, with faux crowd noise,” says guitarist/vocalist Andrew Molloy.)

La Marraca 7″ EP is Screaming Fist (Viletones cover) but is a different mix, w/ faux crowd noise, from the version on Oh Canaduh comp.

V/A – “Hodge Podge and Barrage Vol. 3″ (CD, 1996, 1 + 2 Records, 1 +2CD056 – Japan) – It’s My Time

V/A – “Magic Teeth Record #2” (7” with zine, 1997, Magic Teeth Records, MTR002) – 50-50 (7” also included Novaks and Pingu)

V/A – “Magic Teeth Presents Bum and Pingu!” (7”, 2000, Magic Teeth Records, MTR003) – Feel Like a Lot of People/Don’t Ever Be Sorry  [Vinyl etching: “Valve Ape Rat Bones/Triceratops Maw”]


Ian L. Rheault (guitar/bass/vocals), Rick Gardner (drums)


“ArselickMcTonglash” demo (cassette, 1993, Coppertop Records) – The Pervert/Happy Alone/Fashion Victim/Used to Be a Paperboy/The Crowd (Operation Ivy cover)


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