D – Daddy’s Hands, Dillinger Mob, Disassociate from Man, Drone, etc.

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Daddy's Hands

Daddy’s Hands



[Arty punk rock with a severe Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart fascination. One of the oddest, most fascinating bands to ever come out of the Victoria punk scene, and that’s saying a lot. Their Last FM page is here. A CBC music page is here.]

A Fluid Filled Sac (Jonah Fortune) (drums), Jessica (organ/violin), Mancoat/Charter Cruise (Dave Wenger) (RIP) (guitar/vocals), Mousey Connextion (Emily Bauslaugh) (bass/vocals) (RIP), Schwantz Plench (John Pollard) (saxophone)


Self-titled demo (cassette, March 1996) – Succubus Insurrection/Violets for Your Furs/Statistic Wigs/Don’t Go/I Hate-z Pank/Pickled Lenin/Doctor Small/Two Goths and One Knife/Scabby Corsage/Hey Kunt

“Intelligent and Powerful” demo (cassette, June 1996) – Climbed Right Out/In My Pirate Suit/I Don’t Know How to Not to/A Soft Invasion/Phasers on Stun/Shiver Into Brown Space/What’s Happening to Me?/The Luckiest Girl on the Highway/Bastard, You’re a Hard Man to Love/Redman/I Wanna be Inflated/What’s Happening to Me/Strangled Planet/Moon vs. Mancoat/Poland in November/Help Me Lord, I’m Flailing

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – I Hate Z Pank

V/A – “Group Therapy Explosion…” (CD, 1996, Slow To Burn Records) – Bastard, You’re a Hard Man to Love

“Tutonkhomun” (CD, 1999) – Scared Safari/There Won’t Be a Next Time/Incest at Best/Summertime/Harem Holiday/Lady Bingo/Volcano Moon/M. Poisson/Queen Anne/Glue Balloon/Jesus Knows/Baby’s Fire


[Live sound, ran The Alley venue from early 1999 until ?? The security was tight and it was sponsored by Coke!]

Founder: Dan Shortt


[Weirdo pseudo-country with a drum machine, Skynyrd-esque riffs and vocalist Owen ranting away, and no one can tell if they’re dead serious or a joke band. Guitarist Moron (Ron Brogden) introduced each song when they played live with a profane rhyme, such as “one, two, fuck you!” They covered Slayer and Pantera songs in their own unique fashion. Formed in 2000.]

Moron (Ron Brogden) (guitar), Soma Morse (guitar), Owen ? (vocals)

Unreleased recordings – Hootenanny/Kick Shit/Nobel Prize/New Country/South of Heaven (Slayer cover)/Settin’ the Woods on Fire/No. 7


[Although they were primarily a bar band during the ’90s, a discography page compiled by James Cornell for Victoria’s most notorious punk rockers can be found here.]


[Moved here from Sechelt where they were also known as Kore Society]

Chad? (vocals)


[The only hippie rock band in these listings, for the sake of humor. Jason Flower (Break Even Records, Mexican Power Authority, Third World Planet, et al) was buddies with the other free lovin’ boys in the band and they needed a vocalist, so he decided to join. Guitarist Josh Stull went on to play in such college rock notables as Cow with a Blade and Santo. Your guess is as good as ours as to where the other people ended up, although they probably live somewhere in Fernwood.]


“Free the Love” demo (cassette, 1991, Break Even) – Free the Love/Rainbow Covered Hill/Give and Take/Ain’t No Tellin’ (Jimi Hendrix cover)/Fairy-Eyed Lass/Disco Funky Man/B.C. Ferries/Paisley Vibrator


[Heavy hardcore band bordering on metal, with two vocalists. Most of Deadset certainly did not enjoy having to play with Let’s Put the X In Sex in Sidney, the joke cover song band apparently rubbing them the wrong way.]

Danny Hourigan (guitar), Hadji Bakara? (vocals), Scott ? (vocals), Shaun McConnel? (drums), Tim O’Neil (bass)


[Todd (ex-lots of local hardcore bands), Mike and Genna formed this melodic emo rock band. They got together with drummer Greg (ex-Wrought:Ironsmile), Genna left the band, and then they played two all-ages shows, one at the Pandora Project and another at the G-Spot. “Both shows were disasters,” says Greg. The band dissolved and no tears were shed.]

Greg Pratt (drums), Michael Rak (bass/vocals), Todd Graham (guitar/vocals) [Previous member – Genna Pyewacket (violin).]

Unrecorded song – They Rule But They’re Hard to Look At


[1989-1995. A jam space in an industrial park a la the Meatlockers. Started as an OTTG practice space, with eight or nine bands that went in and out: Banana Royal, Big Sounder Chainsaw, Pigment Vehicle, Section 46, Bum, Soulcharge, etc.  Also did shows there, including touring bands Ed Hall, Don Cabalerro (1994), Foreskin 500 and Victims Family (1990/1991).]


[Keyboard spazz-core? Formerly known as The Detroit Deathwatch.]

Arlen Thompson (drums), Chris ? (bass), Matty Marnik (vocals), Paul Hawley (guitar/keyboards)


[1990-1993, death metal, lyrics about nature taking revenge.]

Harlow Macfarlane (bass), Quin McColloch (vocals) (replaced Jade Carter), Jason Harvey (guitar), Owen Bradley (guitar), Pete Locker (drums)


“Imminent Purge” demo (cassette, 1992) – Suffer/Imminent Purge/Taken as They Sleep


Kelly Kijack? (vocals), Paul Spriggs (guitar), ??


“Demo 96” (cassette, 1996) – Little World/Sheik Pestos Allright /Who Murdered Leo Constantine/Teddy Bear Ted/Blue Light Special/What You Don’t Say/Essential Existance/Mr. Crashkit/Monday Morning/La Bamba/Ode to a Loc(k)

V/A – “Surrender to the Garden City” (cassette, 1997, Stereo-Type Records) – Teddy Bear Ted


[Broke up over straightedge arguments in 1996. Played a “reunion” show without Brad singing, Peter sang.]

Brad Kurushima (vocals), Jay Mace (guitar), Matty Marnik (drums), Peter Roland (guitar), Troy Willerton (bass)

Unreleased recordings – Do You Realize/War


Graham Hill (guitar), Mike Shauch (guitar), Nick Honour (bass), Paul Hawley (drums), Salvi Seandale (vocals)


“Demonation” (cassette, 199?) – Religious Desecration/Dark Age New Dawn/Penitence/Parade to the Tomb/Demon in Black


Metal/crossover band around from 1987-1989, demos came out in 1988 and ’89

Ross Butterfield (guitar), Jason Harvey (guitar), Tim Sweeting (drums), Scott Murdoch (vocals), Dave Bentley (bass)


“Place of Torment” demo (cassette, 1989?) – Eminence of Terror/Coercion/Before Your Eyes/The Burning

DEVON GRIEVE [promoter]


[Melodic punk rock. Recorded six or seven songs.]

Chad Jones (guitar/vocals), Ryan Moist (drums), Sivan ? (bass/vocals)


V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Say it Ain’t So

V/A – “Group Therapy Explosion…” (CD, 1996, Slow To Burn Records) – Compass Twitch


[Diminutive Records was started by Greg Pratt in early 1996 when he received an inheritance. Greg thought it would be a good idea to release a record by his friends’ bands, neither of which had any records out at the time, and the split flexi was born. Flexis were cheap and something different and 1,000 copies were quickly distributed, locally and abroad. Next came a split tape with his own band (Wrought:Ironsmile) and The Warsaw Union from Duncan, BC. Next came the debut Wrought:Ironsmile 7” which was a split release between all three members of the band, under three different “label” names. After the 7”, Sean Thomas, the bass player from Wrought:Ironsmile, joined Greg to help with Diminutive and they decided to do a compilation tape of bands they wanted to do releases with in the future. The compilation tape was out soon after, sold well locally and was distributed out of Victoria. The label never actually died, but faded away because of a lack of money. Diminutive had also planned to release a double 12” record (with New York City Rhythm, Wrought:Ironsmile, Vancouver’s Slough of Dispond, and Nanaimo’s From Maggy to Margaret), but such an undertaking became an impossibility with their financial situation. A truly DIY label until the end, Diminutive always used hand-made packaging and worked countless hours to design, copy, assemble and distribute their releases. They also ran a distribution of other people’s music from all over the world, and most of their stock was acquired through trades of their own releases. The Diminutive Records label disbanded when Sean lost interest and Greg decided to continue his distribution efforts and eventually co-founded The Diminutive Revolution (see next listing).]

Founders: Greg Pratt, Sean Thomas


DR01 – Third World Planet/The Republic Of Freedom Fighters split (8.5” flexi, 1996)

DR02 – Rot:Ironsmile/The Warsaw Union split (cassette, 1997)

DR03 – Wrought:ironsmile – “I Fear My Government, I Fear My Mother When She’s Mad at Me for Not Cleaning My Room, but When I Hear My Music, I Fear Nothing” (7”, 1997)

DR04 – V/A – “8:11 on a Summer Night” (cassette, 1997) – New York City Rhythm, Slough of Dispond – Vancouver, B.C., Third World Planet (two songs), Petty Forward Thought, Rot:Ironsmile (two songs), From Maggy to Margaret – Nanaimo/Duncan, BC, Let’s Put the X in Sex, Warsaw Union – Duncan, BC


[After corresponding and working together on separate distros for a long time, Greg (Diminutive/Tavis Zine Distro) and Jason (The SCHtufff… Revolution) decided to join their distros when Jason moved from Powell River, BC to Victoria in May of 1999. Initially they planned to “conquer Canada,” Sonic Unyon-style, but they came to their senses and realized the amount of work, time and money required for a project that size. Instead, they went with what they knew best and kept the distro small and personal. They gathered DIY music and literature and put out regular mailorder catalogs, sold their stuff at local all-ages shows, and through Ditch Records on Johnson St. The Diminutive Revolution also booked local all-ages shows at the Fernwood Community Association building at 1923 Fernwood Rd.]

Founders: Greg Pratt, Jason Schreurs


Chris English (bass), Darryl Curren (guitar), Jason Maher (vocals), Kevin McKee (drums) [Previous members – Darryl Carter (guitar), Greg Cornell (bass)]


“Who’s Fixed on What?” demo (cassette, 1993) – 32 in Relation/The Face Lies/Can You See Through?/No Lyrics/Dream State

“Shut Down Inside” (CD, 1997) – Not Forgotten/Nameless Faces/Lifeless Days/The Face Lies/Can You See Through/The Hyde Side [Liner notes: “Recorded and produced by John Borys and Dave DeGrassi. Mixed by John Borys and Dirtnap. Recorded and Mixed at DeGrassi Sound Prod. Mastered at Media Magic. Design and layout by Kevin Dziedzitich and Darryl Curren. Drums on this recording were played by Kevin McKee.”]


[Underground rap.]


[Heavy hardcore. Previously known as Nation of Shame.]

Bubba (Mike Hamilton) (guitar/vocals), Corey (vocals), Dustin Hawthorne (bass), Steve Bays (drums)


Demo (cassette, 199?) – ??

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Savages


[“Under D. Influence” 7” never came out.]

Andy Beaveridge (guitar), Chris Locker (vocals), Jeff Turnbull (bass/vocals) (replaced Noel Tate), Luke Burgess (drums/vocals)


“Afford to Be Honest” demo (cassette, 1990, Break Even) – Arnold Jackson/Debourge/Love Canal/Mr. Big/You Must Learn/Booba Song/Luke’s Message

“Afford to Be Honest” demo (cassette, 1990, Break Even 001, different version?) – Old Bros in the Hood/Reacurrence/Under the Chainsaw/Debouryed/Life of a Misfit/Cold

Unreleased song – Life of a Misfit

DITCH RECORDS [record store]

[Independent record store on Johnson St. that carried punk/hardcore/metal and consigned music from local bands and distros. Still operating today, now on Fort St. near Blanshard.]

Founders: Jeremy Robinson (owner), Malcolm Croome (staff)


[Artsy rock band who played several all-ages shows in the mid-90’s and later played bars.]


“Melanoma” demo (cassette, 1991) – ??

“13 Days” demo (cassette, 1992) – ??

“Koolwhip” demo (cassette, 1993) – ??

V/A – “Groove Garden – Victoria Independent Music Compilation” (CD, 1994, Guacamole Music) – ??

“Blue Bird” demo (cassette, 1995) – ??

As Dixie Co. – V/A – “Full Dynamic Range” (CD, 1995, Guacamole Music/CFUV FM 102) – ??

V/A – “Surrender to the Garden City” (cassette, 1997, Stereo-Type Records) – ??

“Beauty Sleep” (CD, 1999) – ??


[Discordant indie rock band who played one show at Inner City Youth Works on April 18, 1998. Oliver ?? also worked at Boomtown Records.]

Oliver ?? (plus unknown members)


[Style unknown.]

Evan Raine (bass/guitar?), Matt Austin (bass/guitar)?, Steve Bays (drums)


“A Flight To Insanity: Greatest Hits” demo (cassette) – Cement/The Crew/Get It Right the 1st Time (Billy Joel cover)



Doug Copley (drums), Jake ? (guitar), Quinn ? (guitar/vocals)


“Deliverance” demo (cassette, 1993) – Existence is Futile/Forgotten Horrors/All Hail the Word Flesh/Secretional Agony/What If We’re Right?/Orchestrated Orgy/Digging Our Own Grave


[Weirdo noise rock. 1989-1994. Their “Voice of Reason” 7″ was on grey marble vinyl and the liner notes read as follows: “Lyrics For Crisolation by Kat. All other lyrics by Moron. Music by Drone. Recorded Sept./90 at Digital Soundloom Studios. Engineered by Bert Goulet and Peter Johanassen. Hate letters to Drone c/o Box 40122 Harbour Square Postal Outlet Victoria, B.C., Canada V8W 3N3. Big wet sloppy thanks to: Brian Wilson for layouts, Gilbert for use of equipment and space, Maxine Smolkin for Wetnap Propaganda, Kirsten Tisdall for Mass Transit, Jason Miller for Monetary Assistance, Mark Wherry for Trout guitar, Alexandra Morris for Mondo Stage Presence, Video John for taping our gig, Bruce McIntosh for pic. Pants off to Funhouse Records. Big fuck you to Electrosound. Watch out for Pigment Vehicale and Menstrual Sponge. Anti-Copyright 1991. Not as good as Octatracker. Deterrent ~ 003”]

Jody ? (vocals) (replaced Gerald Hogreffe), Jason Brown (drums), Moron (Ron Brogden) (guitar/vocals on first 7”), Steve Dohnberg (bass) (replaced Lettucehead [Chris Hughes])


“Voice of Reason” (7”, 1991, Vinyl Communications – Chula Vista, CA) – Trust Me/Voice of Reason/Scrapie/Crisolation

“If You Can’t Eat It or Fuck It Kill It!” (7”, ?, Vinyl Communications?) – Preventative Maintenance/White Arm/Glue Dream/History Lesson

[Drunk punk with a blind drummer! Their “7 Fuckin’ Songs” demo was recorded by Scott Henderson at Sea of Shit Studios.]
Harley (guitar/”glitter”), Knuckles (bass/”quad string”), Marlik a.k.a. Blark a.k.a Blind Mark (drums/”skins”)


“Drunk as All Fuck” demo (cassette, 199?) – That’s the Spirit/Crave/Just Leave Me Be/Bank Job/Alcoholics Unanimous/Black Out/L.U.V.D./You’re Too Drunk/(Unknown)/Steak and Potato Boy/Scotty’s Trap/Drunk Rocker Chick/Pot/Liquor/Green Hair Baggy Pant/Future Where?

“7 Fuckin’ Songs” demo (cassette, 199?) – Pukin’ in Yer Face/Boats/Cashin’ in the Empties/Steak and Potato Boy/I Love My Country/Woke Up Drunk/Crave for Alcohol


[Artsy Matador Records sounding band who began in 1996 and broke up in 1998. A full demo was recorded but the band neglected to make copies.]

Jason Conway (bass), Melissa Smith (guitar/vocals), Soma Morse (guitar/vocals), Tim Johnson (drums/vocals)

  1. j harvey says:

    Hey.. Played guitar in Deranged, as well as Debt of Nature and Crepitus. I think there was another Creptus around a few years ago, but different one.
    The Deranged Line-up was Tim Sweeting: Drums. Scott Murdoch: Vocals. Dave Bentley. Ross Butterfield: Guitar. Jason Harvey: Guitar
    Deranged was around from ’87-’89. Demos came out in ’88 and ’89.
    Thanks guys

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