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Go! compilation CD/double LP on Fans of Bad Productions.

Go! compilation CD/double LP on Fans of Bad Productions.



[Style unknown.]

Bubba (Mike Hamilton), John Siska?, Trevor Shea ? (guitar)


[Moved to Kingston, ON and released other records, including the “Go!” compilation CD/double LP in 1996/1998 with several Victoria bands. Here’s an interview with founder Chris Iler from Abridged Pause. The “Fuck the Commonwealth” LP teamed BC bands and Ontario bands and was put out to “protest” the Commonwealth Games that were held the same year. Each LP came with a recycled album cover, including a note “This cover was once: V/A – ‘Famous Original Country Hits’ etc.” Also came with a ‘zine booklet and was limited to 500 copies.]

Founder: Chris Iler


Photo and link courtesy of Toronto Is Burning blog.

Photo and link courtesy of Toronto Is Burning blog.

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth: 22 Bands From Ontario and BC That Hate the Queen!” (LP, 1994) – Kops for Christ (Toronto, ON), Ignatz (Toronto, ON), Blundermen (Toronto, ON), Dirty Bird (ON), Mr. Nobody (Oshawa, ON), Wad (ON), Blowhard (ON), Hockey Teeth (Toronto, ON), Minnow (Guelph, ON), Whatever (ON), Nothing To Lose, Insult to Injury (Vancouver, BC), Benchwarmer, The Uniks, Giblet, Mblanket, The Dunderheads (Vancouver, BC), Black Kronstadt, Goatboy, Splatter Boys, Mexican Power Authority (also included track by The Queen-Haters, the fake punk band from an SCTV episode w/Martin Short on vocals, John Candy on drums, etc.)

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (cassette/CD, 1995) – Kops for Christ (Toronto, ON), Insult to Injury (Vancouver, BC), Gus (Vancouver, BC), Hoofrarump, Ignatz (Toronto, ON), Render Useless, Blundermen (Toronto, ON), Hudson Mack, Dirty Bird (ON), Black Market Fruits, Floragore (Duncan, BC), Benchwarmer, Mr. Nobody (Oshawa, ON), Ache Hour Credo, Nothing To Lose, Wad (ON), The Uniks, Phallocracy (Barrie, ON), Giblet, Enfa/lak, Black Kronstadt, Blowhard (ON), Mexican Power Authority, Union of Uranus (Ottawa, ON), Goatboy, Hockey Teeth (Toronto, ON), Minnow (Guelph, ON), Lootbag, Mblanket (different song than on LP version), Whatever (ON), Swell Prod., Splatter Boys, Submission Hold (Vancouver, BC)

V/A – “Go!” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998) – ??



FIG. 4 (a.k.a. FIGURE FOUR)

[Melodic emo rock, 3/4 of the members went on to form The Trousers.]

Kim Block (bass/vocals), Mercedes Calvert (guitar/vocals), Sarah Nordean (guitar/vocals), Trena Canham (drums)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1996) – Slipstream/Big Blue Eyes/Phat Boy/Woo/Still Falls the Rain/I Feel Release/Cinderman/Not My Thing/Gone


[Ska, 1997-1998?. Chris also in Deathwatch.]

Chris ? (bass), ??


[Style unknown.]

Dez Carpenter?, Jason Welch, ??


[Food Not Bombs served free vegan meals every Saturday in Centennial Square.]

Jaime Sheppard, Jamie Elder, Tanya Bernard, Rich Trawick and Lisa Wilson were some of the people involved.


[1990-1996, recorded a third release but couldn’t get past mixing stage.]

Calvin Dick (drums/power tools/vocals), Sylvia Kenny (bass/violin/vocals), Tania Wegwitz (guitar/vocals)


“Quiet Please” demo (cassette, 1992) – Getting Away from It All/Cold Prickly/Make Me Wear Pink/Frightful Release/Red Hose/Mind Funk/Mindless Hardcore Song/Moral Victory

“Grisly Lobby Display” (CD, 1994) – Waiting for It to Pass/Wildcat/Wallace/Insectary/Merkin/The Poultry King/It’ll Have to do/Phossy Jaw/Elevator Shoes/Lurking Circus Pervert/More Pigs/Venus, Texas/Mr. Jiffy (Made Me a Woman)

V/A – “Rock for Choice) (cassette, 1994, Vancouver, BC) – Waiting

Unreleased third recording

FRANCE’S FJORD [record label]

Founder: Sean Thomas


FFR01 – Rot:Ironsmile/The Warsaw Union split (cassette, 1997)

Wrought:ironsmile – “I Fear My Government, I Fear My Mother When She’s Mad at Me for Not Cleaning My Room, but When I Hear My Music, I Fear Nothing” (7”, 1997)


[Style unknown.]

Adam Angus?, Dane Gifford, Ross Russell?, Jordy Picard?


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1996) – Queen Gaiptman/Deal with the Devil/Rocket in the Brain/I Wanna Be Me & Jonny B Goode/I Hate God/Drug Test



Members unknown.

“May Contain Small Parts” demo (cassette, 199?) – ??


[Style unknown.]

Dave Truscott (vocals), Jode Shortreed (guitar/vocals), Paul Burrows (guitar), Steve Bays (drums), Steve Simard (bass)


[Released a hardcore video in 1999? Also did horror and war films using local actors from the Victoria punk scene. Founder Brian Clement filmed many shows during the late ’90s, including the infamous “dollar show,” which anarchist punks Black Kronstadt played in Langford in 1995. “Somewhere buried deep in my old 8mm video cassettes I have the ‘dollar show’ recording,” says Clement.”The show was made cheap because there was another show planned some months previous that the bands and kids were locked out of when no one showed up to open the venue. I may have video from other shows, too.”]

Founder: Brian Clement

V/A – “The Dollar Show & Trial” (video, 1999?) – Black Kronstadt, Jonas, Trial (Seattle, WA), War Without End


[Heavy, loud industrial band who played all-ages in Courtenay a couple times, and out at UVic with Hermit. Scary!]

Kalani Rita (guitar/vocals), Kate Simms (vocals/bass), Jason Brown (drums)


“God Sucks Cock” demo (cassette, 1997) – Sodomy/Roid Rage/Latex Death/Deus


[San Diego emo-style rock and roll, 1997?]

Dustin Hawthorne (bass/vocals), Quinn Slobodian (vocals), Steve Bays (drums), Todd Graham (guitar)



Members unknown.


Demo (cassette, 199?)

V/A – “Please Do Not Feed the Pigeons” (CD, 1996, Skooby Snacks Records – Vancouver, BC) – “These Changes”

“VXXIII” (CD, 1996) – If We Only Had the Will/No Directions for Us/Trial/Where I’m At/Chance/Shawn William O’Neill/Ner/Sense/Anthem Mark/Negative Division/Fuzzy Wuz ‘E’/Doubt/23 Strikes Again/Dumb Fun/Rear Window/N.G./These Changes/(unlisted track)

FUNHOUSE RECORDS [record store]

[Independent record store that lasted for five years: 1988-1993?]

Founders: Kev Lee, Rick Andrews

  1. James Duckett says:

    Funbox released a full-length CD called VXXIII in 1996

    • therealjasonschreurs says:

      Added. If anyone has any more info about Funbox, song names, band members, etc. please send it my way. Thanks James!

  2. Jim says:

    Fuckpig was my sisters’ (Katreena Weileby) first show on her own. We used to work with The Fernwood Community Association putting on shows there with lots of other kids from our junior high school. We coined the name ‘The Little Fernwood’ after this connection opened up the Fernwood Community Center for shows naturally becoming ‘The Big Fernwood’. The cops came because we put up posters all over the city with Fuckpig in big letters and she got a warning that if she posts again in the future she would get like $500 fine for each poster with a profanity. The show went on without a hitch after the cops left as well as the fire marshall brought by the police to check fire regulations (counting people ect)

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