G – Garbage Society label, Goat Boy, Grasp, Gus, etc.

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photo 4

Tape insert for Gus’ “Rope Hunt” demo, lyrics from their song Willard and the Cruiser.

G-SPOT [venue]

[This cafe was two different venues, one in 1993ish at 502 Discovery (aka Cafe-a-go-go), one 1999/2000 on Store St.]



Graeme McIntyre (vocals/guitar), Pete Spriggs (bass/vocals), Travis Bond (drums/vocals)


“Lift with the Legs” demo (cassette, 1993) – Speakerdance/Halloween/Cricket House/Sliverfinger/Yahees Death March

V/A – “Groove Garden – Victoria Independent Music Compilation” (CD, 1994) – Crank/Dark Side of Bob


[Post-Blink. Superchunk-y college rock. Who was the Kyle in “Kyle’s Three Grand”?]

Members unknown.


“Kyle’s Three Grand” (CD, 199?, ??)

GARBAGE SOCIETY [record label]

Founder: Eric Boros (the label later became Manufracture)


Museum Musicum/Hermit split cassette -50 copies-

Hermit “Rock’n’roll Hara-kiri” cassette -25 copies-

Acerrimamente/Hermit split cassette -120 copies-

Hermit “I am Garbage” cassette -25 copies-

Hermit “Our Existence Is Pathetic” -100 copies-

Sukora/Hermit split cassette -200 copies-

Roy Gbiv/Zarathustra split cassette -100 copies-

Coits “the medium is the message” -20 copies-

Masher/Third World Planet split cassette -300 copies-

Jalopaz & Hermit collaboration cassette -150 copies-

(co-released with Leg Meat/USA)

Roy Gbiv/Hermit split 7″ep -300 copies-

(co-released with Break Even/CAN & Heb-Dom/CAN)

Grunt/Hermit split 7″ep -200 copies+200 repress-

(co-released with Freak Animal/FIN)

Hermit “Digitrash” anti-CD -12 copies-

Napalmed/Hermit split 7″ep -300 copies-

(co-released with Abnormal Beer Terrorism/SLO & Napal Med/CZE)

Armenia/Hermit split 7″ep -500 copies-

Jalopaz & Hermit split + collaboration 12″LP -400 copies-

(co-released with Leg Meat/USA)

Yggdrasil/Eciton/Hermit split 10″LP -300 copies-

(co-released with Neotenic Industries/AUS & Darkness/GER)

Wastematrix “infinite cycles of abuse” cassette -unlimited (co-released with Brimming Vessels/CAN)

GAS PEDAL [zine]

Founder: Steve Simard


[Put out demo tape with help from Dan Weisenburzer, Erika Heyrman, and Mark Bombford.)


“A Whistling Woman and a Cackling Hen” demo (cassette, 1998) – Big Fat Body/Torn/Salty/Fruitloops or Freedom/Starfish/Folkculture/Be Still/Red Ribbons/Gimme a Sad Song/Queen of Swords/Bleedn’ Banshee/Free Breathn’/Love Love Love/Walkn’ Tall/Witch’s Cackle


[Punk rock.]

Doug Copley (bass/vocals), John London (drums) (RIP), Kent Webb (guitar/vocals),


“1st Dibs” demo (cassette, 1994) – No Rules/Crazy Finger/One Step/Happy/Hollow/In Command/Carousel/But You Otta Know that by Now/Lies/Words/The Problem’s We Create/Outdated

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (LP/cassette/CD, 1994/1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Carousel

“Second Helping” (unreleased recording, 1995) – True Enough/No Reason Why/Reality Check/It Lives/Injustice/Deceptions/Thinner Air/c.h.o.m.p./Prune Juice/Circling Skies


Founder: Heather Danvers

Cover of Goat Boy's split 7" with Nothing to Lose on Slow to Burn Records.

Cover of Goat Boy’s split 7″ with Nothing to Lose on Slow to Burn Records.


[One of Victoria’s most infamous punk rock bands from this era. Fast, loud, melodic, they were always a hit at most of the shows they played. Changed name to The Belmonts for a few shows during their mid-era, no one is sure why.]

Luke Burgess (drums) (replaced Doug Copley who also did vocals, who had replaced Luke), Joe Houle (bass/vocals), Kent Webb (guitar), Neil Cooke-Dallin (guitar/vocals) (replaced Dave Morin), Stephe Bolougne? (guitar/vocals)


“This Sucks” demo (cassette, 1990?) – This Sucks/Yah Blame Me/Think/You’re Not Important/Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!/Fuck You/Another Way/Just a Bug/Billy Don’t be a Hero

“Good Stuff Maynard!… Nope” split demo with Laffing Stock (cassette, ?) – Stop Pretending/Not Like You/Look at You/Both Sides/Stupid/Fuckhead We Should Hate/Tired/Try Harder

“Goat Boy is Shit!” demo (cassette, 1992?) – Someone/Fuckin Day/Bomb Florida/One Bullet/Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell cover)/Disadvantage/Back Up/Program/Won’t Believe/Revolution Blues (Neil Young cover)

V/A – “Victoria Newlywed Nearlydead” (CD, 199?, Em Tee Head Productions) – Misdirect/Choice/Free Gonzalo

Self-titled demo (cassette, 1993) – MLM/Misdirect/Dead/Blame/Choice/One Day/Free Gonzalo/Reaction/Let Them Know/Occupation

“Fuck Your Death Camps” demo (cassette, 1994?) – ??

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (LP/cassette/CD, 1994/1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – No To Elections, Yes To People’s War/She’s Not a Fuck

Goat Boy/Nothing To Lose split (7”, 1994/95?, Slow To Burn Records) – War Against Oppression/Their Prisons are Small and Victory is Big

“War Against Oppression” split with Hudson Mack (CD, 1995?, God Records) – Sing With Fire/End the Rape/Prisons are Small, Victory is Big/She Said No/Dead/All the Suffering/The People Will Rise/No to Elections, Yes to People’s War-She is not a Fuck/Yankee Go Home/War Against Oppression/Look Around

“Sunnyday Sewerland” split with Hudson Mack (CD, 199?) – Split the Sky/Guns of Love Pop..Pop..Pop/Distraction/Global Slavery – Sunnyday Sewerland/Nepal/Skip One (Lootbag cover)/No Guarantees/A Roming Lizard/Plasterzine Is Emo/Mouth Shut Wounds Open/Someone Else/Sir Loin Butt/Mother Praise/Raucana/Shining Trenches of Combat/Southern Man (Neil Young cover)/Liar, Liar, Molotov Cocktail in Your Face

V/A – “Please Don’t Feed the Pigeons” (CD, 1996, Skooby Snack Records – Vancouver, BC) – Someone

V/A – “Viva la Vinyl #2” (double LP, ?, Dead Beat Records – CA) – ??

V/A – “Maybe You Should Shut the Fuck Up” (cassette, ?, Traffic Violation Records – ?) – ??

“Struggle for Power” (7”, 1998?, Dead Beat Records – Los Angeles, CA) – Love Song/Prepare for Struggle/Open Your Eyes/Pride [Vinyl etching: “Can you hear the backward masking on this record/What’s it say, what’s it say?”]

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Crossing the Border

V/A – “Group Therapy Explosion…” (CD, 1996, Slow To Burn Records) – Nepal

V/A – “Merge, Merge!: A Rainforest Action Network Benefit Compilation” (cassette, 1998(?), Dopamine – Kingston, ON) – Harrassing Pig

“Goat Boy Must Die!!!” split with Drunk (LP, 2000, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Crossing the Border/Mother Prays/Refuse & Resist/Unconditional/Peoples’ Army/10+2/Re-evaluate/Icing Sugar/Run on Sentence/Affirmative/One Bullet/Long March/Crossing the Border (again)


[Existed between Oct-Nov 96, played two shows.]

The Cruiser (Jeff Kruys) (keyboards/vocals), Greg Pratt (drums/vocals)


“The Annabis Show” (cassette, 1997, Tapeworm Tapes – Schleife, Germany) – Wild Side/Ten Seconds to Love/Slice of Your Pie/Too Young to Fall in Love/Home Sweet Home/Bastard/Too Fast for Love/Girls Girls Girls (all songs are Motley Crue covers)


Released lots of Dayglos albums and others, run by Brian “Jesus Bonehead,” the Dayglos drummer. Also had their name attached to some local releases in Incentive/Break Even fashion.

Founder: Brian “Jesus Bonehead”


[Spazzy emo.]

Ben Cherry (drums), Dave Truscott (guitar), Dustin Hawthorne (bass), Jode Shortreed (vocals)


[Punk rock. Mike Walker played in Designer Fear in England before Goon Squad. Did a reunion show in 2013 for Tyler Forslund a.k.a. Ty Stranglehold’s birthday. Both of their demos were recorded by Kent Webb (Goat Boy, Giblet, Prancer, etc.).]

Luke Burgess (drums), Mike Walker [a.k.a. – Homey Homes D.J. Ice Fresh Mike-E], Randy Babachuck [a.k.a. – Rebel M.C. Bass-Master Open E Randy].


Demo (cassette, 1989) – ??

“Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Goon Squad” demo (cassette, 1993) – Hockey Song/77 Beers [Lootbag parody]/Drinking Song/B is for Beer/Goon Squad/Big Cow/Banned from Overtime/Head Kicked In

“Jurassic Punk” demo (cassette, 1994) – Goon Squad/Randy’s Song/Beer Fuck/Drinkin’ (Still)/First Star/Head Kicked In/High Stick/Me and Dustin/Banned From Overtime/Hockey Song


[Shows were put on here by SITE (Steve Bays and Cam Pipes), Paul Block and others. Shows happened in the gymansium.]



Corey (vocals), Jason Welch (bass), Mike ? (drums), Todd Graham (guitar) [Jeremy Riishede also played guitar at some point]


Self-titled (7”, 1995, Construction Records – Grand Terrace, CA) – Solace/Rain/G.W. Gold/Scissor/Pantry


Not really a punk band, hard to define but very talented musically. They put out a couple of demos/CDs.

Chris Stanley (RIP) (guitar), Lincoln McCulloch (drums), Jason Clark (vocals), James Burge (bass)


[Booked shows in the basement of the G-Spot, a lesbian club on Store St. Most of their shows are with local bands, usually those of the artier variety. They also hope to book some out of town bands, especially any queer-friendly bands that might come through town.]

Kaila ?, Lyndsay Sung


[Also did shows under the name V.O.I.D. 1994-1999. Sister and brother team Katrina and Jim Weileby put on all-ages shows at a variety of different venues, including the Fernwood Community Centre (a.k.a. Little Fernwood) and The Underground On-Ramp. “My daughter was the number one contact for organizing all ages shows for quite a few years,” says their mother, Laura. “When she still lived at home, I recall taking phone messages for her from bands calling from all over the place: Kansas, Montreal, Alaska, California, etc. I’d always ask, ‘So how do you know my daughter?’ They’d say stuff like her name being published in a book of who’s who for major band contacts [Maximumrocknroll’s “Book Your Own Fucking Life” guide], finding her on-line, word of mouth, etc. She organized many shows for bands like Hudson Mack and Render Useless. She and my son, Jim, later teamed up and organized all ages shows together under the name of their childhood nicknames, Gumby and Pokey Productions.”  Jim remembers the first show his sister (Katreena Weileby) did on her own: “We used to work with the Fernwood Community Association, putting on shows there with lots of other kids from our junior high school. We coined the name ‘The Little Fernwood’ after this connection opened up the Fernwood Community Center for shows, naturally becoming ‘The Big Fernwood.’ The cops came because we put up posters all over the city with Fuckpig in big letters and she got a warning that if she posts again in the future she would get a $500 fine for each poster with a profanity. The show went on without a hitch after the cops left, as well as the fire marshall brought by the police to check fire regulations (counting people, etc.)” Jim recalls more details about the shows he put on with his sister: “We worked together on a lot of stuff and worked separately on our own shows. We worked with the city and community centres. At the curling rink we had SNFU, Pluto, and some other band paid by the citys’ money. Chi Pig opened bags of wheat puffs into the crowd, which got into the speakers, taking away all profitability of that show. Other than that a great show. I think that was a part of Sunfest 97′. I also worked on early stages of planning on Skate Jam ’98 with a youth group that was working with the city of Victoria. It was a skate competition that ended each day with 10 bands, mostly local.” Jim now owns a marketing company in Montreal and Katreena runs event planning company Ignite Events in Vancouver.]

Founders: Katreena and Jim Weileby


[The second compilation was released in affiliation with CFUV, UVic’s radio station. Both comps were a mish-mash of different musical genres from local independent bands, causing many copies to surface in the local record store used bins.]

Founder: Dimitri Demers


GUAC 01 – V/A – “Groove Garden – Victoria Independent Music Compilation” (CD, 1994) – Dixie’s Death Pool, Pressure Cooker, Vinaigrettes, Pigment Vehicle, Disturbed Company, B.K. Lounge, Gadget, Loose, More, Fungkus, Mexican Power Authority, Dan and Caridwen

GUAC 02 – V/A – “Full Dynamic Range” (CD, 1995) – Dixie Co., The Timber Kings, Loose, The Papillomas (Nanaimo, BC), The Stupes, Pressure Cooker, Lovebabies, Djole, Kinnie Starr, Sunyata, Doug Cox & Al Hume


[Gus began under the name Seed in the Summer of ‘92. Steve and Tolan, who had played together in Onionhouse two years prior, jammed with a bunch of drummers before they met Tod in Vancouver. Tod had moved from Toronto where he played in M.S.I. and Five Foot Nothing. They changed their name from Seed to Gus after playing two shows. “We called it Gus cuz we figured it was a bad name that no one else would use – we were wrong,” says McBean. As Gus, they released their first demo, recorded at the Rat’s Nest with Gary Brainless, and 7” record while in Victoria, then moved to Vancouver, BC without Tolan, who decided to stay in the Garden City. Steve moved to Vancouver after Gus got back from their second tour of the US because he had nowhere to live in Victoria. Gus was an original blend of hardcore, punk and a tinge of country. Lyrics ranged from goofy folklore type stories about back country hicks to straight up political songs of the radical variety. Their live show was intense, angry and spirited; a whirlwind of flying limbs and spittle. In Vancouver they released “Heterobash Was Flipper” (7”, 1995, Slow To Burn Records), two songs on “Wade-Free Wherever: A SCHtufff… Compilation” (CD, 1995, SCHtufff… – Powell River, BC), a split 7” with Gus (Florida) (1995, No Idea Records – Gainesville, FL) and “The Progressive Science of Breeding Idiots for a Dumber Society” (CD, 1995, Wrong Records – Vancouver, BC), plus some other compilation songs. In an admirable gesture, they dedicated their debut full-length CD to the late Ken Jensen (RIP) who Steve played with in Victoria’s Red Tide in the mid-‘80s. They also included part of Red Tide’s classic “Final Solution” demo cassette as bonus tracks on their CD. Gus played their last show in December of ‘95 with Submission Hold and Tea and Two Slices at La Quena coffee house in Vancouver. “We broke up because it had run its course and we weren’t getting along, plus we had a really bad third tour of the US,” says McBean. On this tour, Gus’ van was broken into, then destroyed in an accident, their then bass player Sonya got thrown in jail in New Orleans and they got a $600 fine at the border coming home on top of a $2000 US Visa bill for a rented van, etc., etc. Steve went on to play in Ex-Dead Teenager, and later Jerk With A Bomb, and Tod going on to play in Idahoan. Played a memorable show with Nomeansno in 1996 at the Little Fernwood. “My first real punk show. Mind blown. Ears rang for three days,” says Vancouver musician Al Boyle.]

Steve McBean (vocals/guitar), Tod Laverty (drums/vocals), Tolan McNeil (bass)


“Rope Hunt” demo (cassette, 1993) – Mrs. X/Cattle Prod Romeo/Country Gentleman/Washington (Crucifucks cover)/Sister Punk/Rope Hunt/Willard and the Cruiser/Thermos Love/The Devil’s Log. “To Gus, the weather’s nice and the cops are wimpy. Love, Cattle Prod Romeo oxxo p.s. Say hi to mom.” – from liner notes.

Self-titled (7”, 1993, Headrush Records) – Bad Disco/Mrs. X/Willard and the Cruiser/Rifle Song

V/A – “Dead on the Road: Songs without Keyboards” (CD, 1993, Raw Energy Records – Toronto, ON) – Cattle Prod Romeo

Unreleased recordings – about 40 songs recorded on a four-track

[A CD, “The Progressive Science of Breeding Idiots for a Dumber Society,” was released by Wrong Records after the band moved to Vancouver. Slow to Burn Records also released a 7″ by the band after they moved to Vancouver, called “Hetero Bash Was Flipper.”]

  1. j harvey says:

    grump was an amazing band from the early ’90s. Not a punk band, kinda hard to define really. They put out a couple of demos/cds. Very very musically talented group. The lineup I remember is: the late great Chris Stanley (rip) Guitar. Lincoln McCulloch Drums. Jason Clark Vocals. James Burge Bass.

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