H – Hard to Say, Hermit, Hoofrarump, Hudson Mack, etc.

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Generation Gap
Hudson Mack playing the Burnside Community Centre, photo courtesy Kinzie Photography.

Hudson Mack playing the Burnside Community Centre, photo via Kinzie Photography.


H@G [zine]

A zine done by a collective of anarchist women including Nicole of Enfa/lak.


Dave Morin from Hudson Mack’s solo project.


[Nomeansno side project, moved to Vancouver and now play bars.]


J.P. (drums/vocals), Neil Cooke-Dallin (guitar/vocals), Vanya McDonell (bass/vocals)


Self-titled (7”, ?, Polka-haunt-us Records) – Baby-shit-herself/Tunnelvision/Ode to Salmon/Serotonin/Composure

“I Want Charles In Charge Of Me/Bathroom Tape” demo (cassette, 1997) – N.S./Morphine Parts 1-4/Candlesticks/Punk Song About Racism #67304/Treehouse/Education Courtesy of Cablevision/H.I.V./Blanket of Lies/Theme to Neil’s Brain

V/A – “Surrender to the Garden City” (cassette, 1997, Stereo-Type Records) – Morphine

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – In a Space of Six Weeks, Dead Guys Don’t Eat Much Fish/Baby Shit Herself

Unreleased recordings:

Live on CFUV (October 18, 1996) – ??


Founder: Joe Pertratur

A short-lived record label that only released one record and one demo tape before Joe moved back to Calgary. Joe also played in Shutdown.


HED 001? – Shutdown – {last tape} (cassette, 199?)

HED 002 – Gus – self-titled (7”, 1993)


The Cruiser (Jeff Kruys)


#0000001 – Let’s Put the X in Sex – “Gag Me With a Spoon” demo (cassette, 1996)

#0000002 – Let’s Put the X in Sex – “Just Like a Wartime Novelty…” (7″, 1996)

#0000003 – Roy Gbiv – “Roy Gbiv’s Willingness to Extend a Helping Hand Will be Missed By All” (7”, 1996)

#0000004 – Roy Gbiv/Hermit split (7”, 1996)

#0000005 – Soy – Self-titled demo (cassette, 1996)

#0000006 – Roy Gbiv/Zarathustra split demo (cassette, 1997)


[Formed by Eric Boros and Randy Seibold in Nanaimo, BC, played one show with The Cruiser.]

Eric Boros (noises)

Previous members – Greg Pratt (noises), Tavis Radford (noises)


V/A – “Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Benefit Compilation” (cassette, 1996, Carpe Diem Records – Nanaimo, BC) – Hitman

“Vomit Can Be Found in Jars” demo (cassette, Pulp Mill Records)

“Ashes of an Ancient Civilization” demo (cassette, Pulp Mill Records)

“Pirate Utopias” (cassette, Beyond the Sector Records)

“Solar Wind” (cassette, Scattered Records)

Hermit/Outermost split (cassette, Pulp Mill Records/Cat Move Records)

Hermit/Bastard Noise split (cassette, Recalcitrant Noise Records)

Hermit/Gestorte Nachbarn split (cassette, B-Gore Records)

“Logic Bomb” demo (cassette, Pulp Mill Records)

“Transistor Rape” split with Let’s Put the X in Sex and James Ruppert (cassette, 1997, Pure Fucking Chaos – Salt Lake City, UT) – Transistor Rape

V/A – “Mutilated Carcass Volume 4” (cassette, 1997, Pure Fucking Chaos – Salt Lake City, UT) – Vision of Tron

Hermit/Museum Musicum split (cassette, The Garbage Society)

“Rock’n’roll Hara-kiri” demo (cassette, The Garbage Society)

Hermit/Acerrimamente split (cassette, The Garbage Society)

Hermit/Misanthrope split (cassette, Worthless Human Flesh Records)

Hermit/End of Silence split (cassette, Abnormal Records)

“Violent Solitude” (cassette, B.W.C.D. Records)

Hermit/Weird Vision split (cassette, A.O.W.T.D. Records)

“I am Garbage” demo (cassette, The Garbage Society)

Hermit/Wagstaff split (cassette, F.L.A.S.A. Records)

Hermit/Ames Sanglantes split (cassette, Psychoelectronic Sounds)

Hermit/Beissring split (cassette, Barok Records)

Hermit/Sukora split (cassette, The Garbage Society)

Hermit/J.S.Bach/Einschlafhilfe remix (cassette, Scrotum Records)

Hermit/H.k.o.S. split (cassette,Tapeworm Records)

“Our Existence Is Pathetic” demo (cassette, The Garbage Society)

Hermit & Jalopaz collaboration (cassette, The Garbage Society/Leg Meat Records)

Hermit/Jason Campbell split (cassette, Underground Noise Records)

Hermit/Facialmess/Dogliveroil/Timisoara split (cassette, S.R.C. Records)

Hermit/Facialmess split (cassette, Recalcitrant Noise Records)

Hermit/Hidegronics split (cassette, Abnormal Records)

Hermit/D.L.Savings.T.X. split (cassette, American Records)

Hermit/Waldrand/Jalopaz “live in dresden” (cassette, Scrotum Records)

“Meekohtutrah” (7”, Pulp Mill Records)

Hermit/Roy Gbiv split (7”, The Garbage Society/ Hebdomadal Omphaloskepsif Media Productions) “Hermit: I violated a chicken in Chamberlain, Saskatchewan”

Hermit/Grunt split (7”, The Garbage Society/Freak Animal Records)

Hermit/Napalmed (7”, The Garbage Society/Napalmed Records /A.B.T. Records)

Hermit/Armenia split (7”, The Garbage Society)

Hermit/Bastard Noise split (7”, New Noise Records)

Hermit/Scab split (7”, A.B.T. Records + international labels)

“Bizarre Rituals in Honour of the Capitalist Machine” (7”, 1999, Manufracture/Santiago Records/Scrotum Records/IShotGod Records)

Hermit/Yggdrasil/Eciton split (10”, The Garbage Society/Darkness Records/Neotenic Industries)

Hermit & Jalopaz split + collaboration (12”, The Garbage Society/Leg Meat Records)

“Digitrash” (CD, The Garbage Society)

“Pain Machine” (CD, The Garbage Society/Manufracture)

V/A – “Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack for Weirdness and Blind Hostility” (CD, 199?, C.N.P. Records – Richmond, VA/Satan’s Pimp Records – Reno, NV/Heartplug Records – MA) – Rock ‘N’ Roll Hari-Kiri


[1991-1994, shows were put on by Paul Block, Steve Simard, and more. It was the Severence jam space/house. Shows included Struggle/Still Life, Green Day, NOFX/Lagwagon, Facepuller.]


[Broke up fall 1998, formed spring 1996.]

Adam Angus (bass) (replaced Devon Bernard), Dane Gifford (drums), Geordy Pickard (vocals/guitar), Ross Russell (guitar)

Previous members – Ian Henderson (guitar)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1997) – Hasta la Victoria/Burn/Age of Terror/Vision of Doom/No Mercy/Flexed Freedom/Unbroken

“Live on CFUV” demo (cassette, 1998) – 7 songs


A project featuring Andy Kerr and Scott Henderson, created from Amsterdam and Victoria by sending material to each other. Released two albums on Alternative Tentacles Records (San Francisco, CA).

Hoofrarump in action (demo insert).

Hoofrarump in action (demo insert).

Cover and tape of Hoofrarump's self-titled demo.

Cover and tape of Hoofrarump’s self-titled demo.


[Kenton was also known as Kenton “Styro” because one night he was thrown in the drunk tank and when he came to a cop asked what his name was and he answered, “Styrofoam.” Paul Block went under the name “Hector” on their demo. Demo recorded at Escalated Advance by Evan Symons & Hoofrarump.]

Kenton Kroker (guitar/vocals), Matt ? (drums), Paul “Hector” Block (bass/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1992) – Headstone/SGS/Relapse/Looking to See/Functionary/Reflective Practitioner/Potshy

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (cassette/CD, 1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Headstone


Dustin Hawthorne (bass/vocals), Matty Marnik (vocals), Paul Hawley (drums), Steve Bays (keyboards)

After bands like The Rapture, The Calculators, The Audience, and other bands with The before their name played Victoria (circa: 1997-1998) it was only a matter of time before we had our own sassy keyboard rock band. A solid rhythm section laid the framework for loud video game-esque keyboards and child-like vocals. Hot Hot Heat were very popular amongst the style-conscious crowd.


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1999) – Fashion Fight Pause/Tourist in Your Own Town/Matador at the Door/Spelling Live Backwords/Ruining it for Everyone/! Rice Panda Explosion!

Self-titled (7″, 2000, Ache Records) – Fashion Fight Pause/Tourist in Your Own Town/Matador at the Door/Spelling Live Backwards

After leaving the all-ages hardcore scene for the club scene, Hot Hot Heat went on to release a number of albums.


[A cookbook-style zine that launched a series of actual cookbooks.]

 Founders: Sarah Kramer, Tanya Bernard


Dave Morin (guitar/vocals), Jamie Willis (drums/vocals), Tony Goluza (bass/vocals)


“Something Wrong…” split with Goat Boy (CD, 1995?, God Records) – Wake Up/Ha! Needs a Punch/No Solution/What Do You Fear/The Storm/Something Wrong…/Never Coming Home/Downtown (cover)/Celebrate What?/Bravo/Innocent People/Don’t Fool Yourself/American Cheese/Not the Way/Your Words Still Live/So Lonely (cover)/Why am I So Rotten (cover)

“Other Side of Town” split with Goat Boy (CD, 199?) – On and On It Goes/Pig with a Gun/Take Him Down/(On the) Other Side of Town/Are We Asleep?/Change (Has to Come)/Drink Your Life Away/Grey Tone/Now Who’s Having Fun?/Never Gonna Fail/Addiction Knows No Logic/Think About Your Actions/Coffee Stains/Insubstantial/(I Don’t Want Your) Fantasy/We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister cover)

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (cassette/CD, 1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Time Is Your Enemy

V/A – “Group Therapy Explosion…” (CD, 1996, Slow To Burn Records) – Fuck Machine

V/A – “Hardcore Hillbillies” (cassette, 1997, Jalden Records) – May 1st

“Every Day?” (CD, 199?) – ??

V/A – “StandPunkT” (cassette, 1998?) – Why oh Why?/We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister cover) ??

Split demo with Goat Boy.

Split CD with Goat Boy.



[1989-1994, went on a small tour down western states, some members were ex-Spermicide.]

Arish Pritchard? (stage prop), Hugh Pomeroy (rodeo clown), J.P. Langlois (vocals, drum machine), Mike Wolfe (guitar), Noah ? (RIP) (bass) (replaced Dale) Chris Cunliffe (drums) (replaced Tim Yoell, who replaced the drum machine), Tim Johnson (head stage prop)

Other previous members included – Paul Chantry (bass for a couple shows)


“Phuckin’ Phuck” demo (cassette, 1991) – ??

“Sally Hose-Off” demo (cassette, 1991) – ??

“Grandma” demo (cassette, 199?, Pig Eye Records) – Low Pile Carpet/Humptruck/Rio Grande/Abigail/Lay Lay Phant/Meat/Precious Micheal/Hit the Sack

“Low Pile Carpet” (7”, 1993/94?, Scratch Records – Vancouver, BC) – ??


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