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Steve McBean at the Jerk Ward reunion, Logan's Pub, 2007.

Steve McBean at the Jerk Ward reunion, Logan’s Pub, 2007.



Founder: Ainslie Grieg

INCENTIVE [record label]

A lot of local demos had this name attached to them i.e. Pressure Cooker, Breach.


[1988. At one jam, the rumour is that everyone in the band threatened Ron physically. Only played one show and were only around for a few months.]

Dwayne Seginowich (drums), Rob Duffy (guitar), Ron “Moron” Brogden (vocals), Tony Goluza (bass)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1988) – Not So Mighty Buck/Pressure Cooker/Punker Than Thou/That’s Not Funny/No More Football/McDeath/Infect/Deaf Dumb & Blind/No Regrets/Billy Club/Expose Yourself to Kids (G.G. Allin cover)

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – McDeath


Founders: Sandra Fleck (owner), Graham Hartley (show guy)


[Dustin and Paul played guitar on their last tour. Reunion show in August of 2000.]

Cam Pipes (bass/vocals), Dave Kool (vocals), Jay Mace (guitar) (replaced Quinn Slobodian), Stefan ? (guitar), Steve Bays (drums) [Other members – Dustin Hawthorne (guitar), Paul Hawley (guitar)]


“Kenka” demo (cassette, 1996, S.I.T.E. Records) – Seething/Withstand/Kenka/Swept Away/Will Backstabbed/Confinement

“…The Sky Is Falling.” (7”, 1997?, World of Hurt Records – Seattle, WA) – Songbird-Lost Tongue/Croire/17 Second Knock Out/Human Eyes

Unreleased song?



Dante DeCaro (drums), Devon Grieve (guitar/vocals), Drue Swalwell (guitar/vocals), Nick ? (bass)



Released the “Hardcore Hillbillies” compilation cassette, distributed some ‘zines and tapes in Victoria and put on shows under the name Panhandle Productions. “I was about 15 years old and had no clue what I was doing. It was fun as hell though,” says founder Jeremy Loveday.

Founder: Jeremy Loveday


Cringe – demo (cassette, 1997) – ??

V/A – “Hardcore Hillbillies” (cassette, 1997) – Slacker – *1-2-3/Gooseflesh – Mother Eject/Burn – Crawl/Pinko – Pinko Revolution/Charlie Don’t Surf – Moon/Soy- Kill Both Dan and Larry/19 Ledge-Lady DI/Sister Raison – Space Oddysey/Nevermore – Burned at the Stake/Special Olympics – Lost Interest/Hudson Mack – May 1st/Cringe – Beafkake/Misery Index – Mummified/Lucid Nation – Syndrome/Third World Planet – Clearcut/Let’s Put the X in Sex – Filler (Minor Threat cover/Thought Process – Tolerance/Render Useless – Last Flight of Icarus/Ballroom Zombies – Twiddle Bug/Brand New Unit – Respect


[Jerk Ward was formed in Summer 1982 by three teenagers and played their first show in September of 1983 with Scream from Washington, DC. They released two demo cassettes; one self titled cassette with 21 songs and another with 16 songs entitled “Flesh and Bones.” They played straight forward hardcore punk and tried their best to emulate The Neos, who were their “heroes and helped us out a great deal, including recording us and coming out to Sidney from Victoria to see us play in our Grade 8 band room at lunch time,” says Steve McBean. They were also inspired by Red Tide, 7 Seconds, Black Flag, Discharge, Minor Threat, etc.  Jerk Ward’s last show was in the Summer of ‘84 in Steve Bailey’s (The Neos) basement with Nomeansno and Dayglo Abortions. A blog entry about their 2007 reunion show appears at Old Fast and Loud and discography page can be found at Kill from the Heart. Drummer Jon London passed away in 2012.]

John London (drums) (RIP), Julian McLean (bass), Randy Long (vocals), Steve McBean (guitar/vocals)


Inside My Mind” demo (cassette, 19??, Verbal Assault) – ??

Self-titled demo (cassette, 19??) – 21 songs

“Flesh and Bones” demo (cassette, 19??) – U.F.O./Blind Hatred/I Love the Girls/I Don’t Wanna Fight/F.U. Quincy/(unknown)/Dog Poo/Flesh and Bones/Death Inferno/Knowledge/Inside My Head/Angry Salmon/Accident Prone/Ozzy/Rot/Millions of Dead BMXers

“Too Young to Thrash” mini-LP (vinyl, 1984, Verbal Assault; re-released by Supreme Echo,  2008) – U.F.O./Angry Salmons/Blind Hatred/Knowledge/Flesh & Bones/Millions of Dead BMXers/Non-Human/Accident Prone/I Love the Girls/Death Inferno/Major Threat Part II/I Don’t Wanna Fight/Inside My Head/F.U. Quincy/Rot My Mind/I Wanna Be Ozzy Osbourne/Kill the Pongo’s
V/A – “Medium Raw” (??, 19??, BYOV – ??) – I Love the Girls/Major Threat/U.F.O.
V/A – “All Your Ears Can Hear” (??, 19??, AYECH International) – Millions of Dead BMXers/U.F.O./Flesh and Bones
12 songs in 16 minutes from reunion show in 2007


[A mix of Fat Wreck-style pop-punk and drunk punk, The Jizzwailers play a good amount of all-ages shows but also lots of bar shows. Tyler was involved with the local all-ages scene on many levels for several years. Formed in March of 1999. Live Victoria entry.]

Frank Montgomery (drums), Matt Easton (guitar), Sara Trotto (bass), Tyler Forslund (vocals)


V/A – “Sex Is Everything: Rat’s Nest Compilation?” (CD, 1999, ?) – Fat Punks Rule

V/A – “Crusty Comp 2” (CD, 2000, Crusty Records – Vancouver, BC) – Pisser


[Heavy hardcore.]

Darren (guitar/vocals), Hadji Bakara (vocals), Jason Welch (bass), Shaun McConnel? (drums)


Self-titled demo (cassette, ?) – Pain to Profit/Divine Oppression/Breathe/Feast/Exile/Eradicate/End of a Reign/Amerikanization/Altar/Order of Dominance/Eternal Struggle

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Eradicate

V/A – “The Dollar Show & Trial” (video, 1999?, Frontline Films)

Unrecorded songs – Divine Oppression/Products of Corruption


[Style unknown]

Dustin Schwam, Toby Hicks, ??


“Where’s My Trans Am?” demo (cassette, 1994) – Prawn Life/Pour/Friday’s/Alcoholic White Trash/Another Place/Stiff/Jody’s Song/Manly



[Style unknown.]

Arlen Thompson (drums), Keith Jones (vocals), Lee Harris (bass/keyboards?), Reg Flech (guitar)


[1991-1993, damaged Sabbath rock.]

Chris Cunliffe (drums), Paul Chantry (guitar), Soma Morse (guitar), Steve Dohnberg (bass), Zach Samuels (vocals)


“Sour” demo (cassette, 1992) – Pigtails/Toxic Gash/First Sign of an Immune System/Glory Hole/James Deans’ Brownie Cake/Master Manipulator/Diamanda/Metal Sandwich/Billboard Bimbo/Stay in School


[Played one show. Emo hectic heavy stuff.]

Carey Mercer (guitar), Hadji Bakara (vocals), Randy Camponi (drums), Steve Simard (bass)


Rich Trawick (bass/vocals), Jeff Trawick (drums)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1999) – The Breakdown, This Night, Drop the Match

V/A – “Vancouver Island Sucks” (CD, 2000, Angry Landlord Records – Campbell River, BC) – The Breakdown

V/A – “Box Set” (CD, ??) – This Night


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