N-O – Neos, New York City Rhythm, Nothing to Lose, Onionhouse, etc.

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Generation Gap
Brad Kurushima and Steve Bays of New York City Rhythm (demo insert).

Brad Kurushima and Steve Bays of New York City Rhythm (demo insert).



[Skate punk with ska parts. Studio band, one guy from AB, one from Campbell River and Dave from Trip Wyre.]

Dave Snow (bass/vocals), Gordie ? (guitar/vocals), Kent ? (drums), Nathan ? (vocals/guitar)


“TNT” split with Trip Wyre (CD, 1999?) – Another/Walk Away/He Knows/About You/Toms/Final Countdown (666 Remix) (Europe cover)


[Post-industrial noise stuff, played a couple of shows.]

Kevin Adams (bass), Moron (Ron Brogden) (guitar/vocals)


[Became Disassociate from Man when they found out that a white power organization had the same name.]

Bubba (Mike Hamilton) (guitar/vocals), Corey ? (vocals), Dustin Hawthorne (bass), Steve Bays (drums)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1996) – Morgan/Doubt/Dispossessed/A Reason to Hate/Chachi/Savage/Trudell/Forgotten/Trust


[Started in 1994.]

Calvin Dick (samples/loops/drums/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1995) – Sponsor?/Liberated Woman/Ned Rose/Barbasol/Overreacting Bikecop Federation/D.C.T. at the N.B.I./Miracle Moment/Pitchman/Room 259/Grandad’s Wooden Chain/Robin’s Donuts/Captured by the Germans/Fishook Through Bettman’s Eyelid/Neverending Kingsway/Block Vote/Vidor


[Formed by Dave and Steve in 1980, Dave was booted out and went on to form Nematodes. They released 7”s called “End All Discrimination” in 1982, and “Hassibah Gets the Martian Brain Squeeze,” with label art by Pushead, in 1983. The Neos broke up in October of 1983 leaving about a dozen songs unrecorded. BE 7” is a release of an old rehearsal tape recorded on a cheap ghetto blaster. An extensive discography webpage for The Neos, compiled by James Cornell and Jason Flower, can be found here.]

Kev Smith (bass) (replaced Gary, who had replaced Dave Durrant), Mario (drums), Steve Bailey (vocals/guitar)


“Fight With Donald” (7”, 1997?, Break Even Records/Schizophrenic Records – Hamilton, ON) – No Tyme 4 Romance/Conscripts/Just Like All the Rest/Racist Act/Opposition to All Violence, Even If Committed in Self Defence/Ripped Off/Destruct/Typical…Song/Don’t Want to Be/Sleeve/Bobby Sands/Sexual Revolution/Otherworld/School Punks/Where Did You Go Wrong???/Churchgoers Motive/They’ll Destroy Themselves/Fight with Donald (9/28/80) “100% legitimate D.I.Y. release!!/Do not bootleg this!!”

Neos CD (1997, Break Even, 1997 – has the two 7″s that came out in the 1980s.)


[A continuation of sorts from Nothing to Lose, with Graham Watson replacing Luke Burgess on drums. Never Too Late played a similar style of melodic hardcore as their predecessor, adding a little variation and some slower songs. Their demo tape featured a wonderful flourescent green cover, causing it to stand out amongst any pile of dusty demo tapes. Broke up in ??]

Dan Ferneyhough (bass/vocals), Graham Watson (drums/vocals) (replaced Luke Burgess), Tony Goluza (guitar/vocals)


“Mistrust” demo (cassette, 1995) – Say Goodbye/I See It/Crossfire/Who Can Really Blame Her/Where are we Going/Mistrust/Do You Know What You Have to Do/Time to Go

V/A – “Go! 47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Mistrust

Unreleased recording – All Fades Away


[Was the band name all one word?]

Hadji Bakara? (vocals?), Shawn McConell? (drums),??

photo 3

Cover of New York City Rhythm’s s/t demo.


[1997-1998. Emo hardcore. Split up due to “personal differences.” Liner notes from their demo: “There’s a party in our pants for all the kool catz who have lent us their jazz and jive, all the hipsters who gave us a sockhop to beebop at, drive us and our tune makers, and any of the crazy kidz who bobbed their tops at any Victoria punk rock dance. Also, blown kisses to Casey Peckett at Cascade Studios who engraved our music in time on April 12 and 13, 1997. The rhythm is Steven Bays on axe and soprano, Evan Raine on low end, Matheos Marnik layin’ down the back beat, and Brad Kurushima on strings and tenor. Just smile.”]

Brad Kurushima (guitar/vocals), Evan Raine (bass), Matty Marnik (drums), Steve Bays (guitar/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1997) – Left with the Radio… Pull the Trigger/Fat Walker/Pillow Talk, Toilet Dreams/A Family Thing/She Never Lets Me Dance/Thirty Something

V/A – “8:11 on a Summer Night” (cassette, 1997, Diminutive Records) – Left With the Radio… Pull the Trigger

Unrecorded songs – two new songs that were played live

Ninth_Hour_011_1290579418NINTH HOUR

[From the band’s Facebook page: Ninth Hour was a hardcore band that was around from ’92 to ’96. Hailing from Nanaimo, they played tons of shows with a lot of great bands. Ninth Hour released two cassettes and in 2003 remastered a third previously unreleased recording that was combined with the first two on CD. Limited copies of this were available at the handful of reunion shows played between 2003-2004. It started back in the winter of ’92, I had just turned 16 and a friend told me about some guys at his school that wanted to start a Hardcore band. Stef and Matt were just 16 and Nathan was still 15. We got together in my basement and played a bunch of songs that Stefan had written. He was the obvious standout of all of us and could actually play his instrument really well. A couple of months later we had one of our first gigs at a friends house on their porch, that lasted for about a half hour before the neighbors called the cops and ended things. My buddy Heath had a great idea and everyone packed into whoever’s car and drove all the way across town to Sixth Street where a bunch of friends shared a house. We set up in the living room and played everything we knew how… it ended up being a great party and a good start to a ton of shows we played over the next few years.]

Nathan (bass), Stefan Nevatie (guitar), Matt ?? 

“Nice Attempt at Nothing Special…” (cassette, 1992)
“Subservient Masses” (cassette, 1993)
“The Struggle Rages On…” (recorded winter of 1994, very limited release in 2003-2004)


Victoria’s most famous punk band founded by Rob and John Wright, started in the late ‘70s and are still going strong. Moved to Vancouver in their mid-era after guitarist/vocalist Andy Kerr moved to Amsterdam. They abandoned their all-ages credo early on and now play predominantly bar shows. Discography not included, but you can find a discography page compiled by James Cornell here, , including what they released during the ’90s.


[Basically the same band as Eddie Steals the Embryo but with a different guitar player, in this case none other than Bobbi from northern BC Christian hardcore band Through and Through. Norman Bates soon released a demo tape which, incidentally, used the exact same typeface as seen in the New York City Rhythm demo. Bobbi left the band after the demo tape and Brad began looking for a new guitar player. While attending Victoria High School for some post-graduation classes Brad met Grade 11 student Daniel Colussi, whom he quickly recruited for the band. The Norman Bates Valentine were best known for their horror-themed live motif, often hanging creepy lights while playing. They were also known for breaking guitar strings and taking a long time to fix them (so much so that Jason once ran home to grab a sandwich while they were changing a string mid-set). The band later decided to change their name to The Truth About Angels and began writing new songs.]

Ami Brosseau (keyboards/vocals), Brad Kurushima (guitar/vocals/keyboards), Daniel Colussi (guitar), Hal Ferris (bass), Peter Roland (drums) [Previous member – Bobbi Froese (guitar).]


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1999) – Little Artie Fleginhymer’s Big, Big Plan…/The Romantic Equivalent of 2 Rights Making a Wrong/Welcome to Club Enema…/Losing the Nexus/The Ultimate Landfill is Our Denial/Karma Complication

V/A – “Vancouver Island Sucks” (CD, 2000, Angry Landlord Records – Campbell River, BC) – Welcome to Club Enema…

Unrecorded songs – Early Ripe, Early Rot/Wading Through the Soul Soup/Black Shirts on Campus

Cover of Nothing to Lose's Ned demo.

Cover of Nothing to Lose’s Ned demo.


[Gruff-vocal punk rock. Changed their name to Never Too Late when they parted ways with Luke.]

Dan Ferneyhough (bass/vocals), Luke Burgess (drums/vocals), Tony Goluza (guitar/vocals)


“Ned” demo (cassette, 1993) – Last Days/Never Gave a Thought/Rubber Bullet/Wrong/Always There With You/Vietnam/AK-47/867-5309 (Tommy Tutone cover)/Millions/Never Losing Hope/Bomb the Embassy/Fuck Joseph Blake/Nothing to Lose/I Know the Enemy/Smells Like Shit/Another Day/The Story/Weather Report/Once a Generation/Needed Reality (Laffing Stock cover)/Geronimo (J. Jaga Pratt)/Going Home

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (LP/cassette/CD, 1994/1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Going Nowhere

Nothing To Lose/Goat Boy split (7”, 1994?, Slow to Burn Records) – Sunrise/Falling Down

Unreleased recording – I Don’t Want to Hear that Song



Jason Jeremy Fortin (?), ??

V/A – “Magic Teeth Record #2” (7” with zine, 1997, Magic Teeth Records) – Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover)/Googam/A Little Ditty/Quisp



Shows take place in a portable in behind the Oak Bay Recreation Centre.


[Formed by the sisters Grieve after the demise of Loud Mouth Mason, and bringing local drumming regular Arlen along for the ride, Ockham’s Razor all but exterminated the ska in their previous band, and concentrated more on the emo side of things, bringing to mind Fugazi and other post-punk bands. A photo of Devon playing at Little Fernwood appeared in a Monday Magazine spread about the local punk scene. Ockham’s Razor, like most good bands, broke up far too soon.]

Devon Grieve (guitar/vocals), Ceilidh Grieve (bass/vocals), Arlen Thompson (drums)


V/A – “Vancouver Island Sucks” (CD, 2000, Angry Landlord Records – Campbell River, BC) – Second Time For Reel


[“Old school” punk/hardcore from 1997. They played one house show with a straight edge band from New York. Did a five-song recording that is “hidden away,” says drummer Jode Shortreed.]

Carlos (vocals), Dave Truscott (guitar), Jode Shortreed (drums), Dustin Hawthorne (bass)


[Onionhouse started around 1990 after ex-Mission of Christ members John London (RIP), Steve McBean and Tolan McNeil joined up with Dave Knight and Shawn Ross. Originally, they wanted to have Rob Nesbitt (Bum, etc.) on bass and play melodic hardcore a la Dag Nasty, Bad Brains, etc. “Instead, it sucked and lasted nine months,” says guitarist Steve McBean. Onionhouse dedicated their 7” to their longtime friend Randy Long (RIP), John and Steve’s former bandmate in Jerk Ward and Mission of Christ, who was shot by a cop in Edmonton in 1990. The lyrics to their song “One More Time” were about Randy, and they also made a video for the same song, filmed in Harpo’s, which received very minimal airplay on MuchMusic as well as on local cable shows.]

Dave Knight (vocals), John London (drums) (RIP), Shawn Ross (bass), Steve McBean (guitar/vocals), Tolan McNeil (guitar/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1990) – Nevermore/Listen/Cleansing Ground/When Skies Burn

Self-titled (7”, 1990, Final Notice Records – Vancouver, BC) – Brother’s Day/Too Slow/One More Time

Unreleased recordings/unrecorded songs – lots!


[1991-1994, damaged hardcore.]

Dale Rice (bass/vocals), Doug MacMinn (drums/vocals), Tim Johnson (guitar/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1991) – Planet Split/Because Bob McCammon Cared (The Uh-oh Zone)/Spastic Cue Card Holder/Odious Laurie (Grand Marshal Partridge and the Parade of Farts)/Gang Dog Bark Orangutan Festishit Bang Big Beserk Midwife-Cum-Abortionists/Fuckin’ Punk/Grandmotherfucker/New Balance High Tops Don’t Make It/Who Threw the First Rock?/Chocolate Ambrosia Factory/Anti-Saddam Punk Tits/Liquid Paper Cupcakes (Hugh’s Train Whistle Song)/Same Old Blues

“Live at Harpo’s” (video, 1992) – Welcome to Krell/Odious Laurie/Snot a Love Song/Let’s Fuck Up Shit on My Face/Gang Dog Bark/Fuckin’ Punk/69 Bottles ‘o Beer on the Wall/Chocolate Ambrosia Factory/GrandMotherFucker/Who Threw the First Rock/Handfull of Dust/Dismembered Art Fag in Winter/S.O.B.

“669 Number of the Feast eh.k.eh. The Day Everything Came” demo (cassette, 1994, Incentive Productions)- Practical Jock/Aw Go Fuck Yourself/Generic Mushy Love Song #27/Big Dumb Pimp Ballad/Even Cows Get the Blues/Dismembered Art Fag in Winter/Welcome to Krell/Snotta Love Song/Let’s Fuck Up Sit on My Face/Fuck I Hate that Patchouli Shit/69 Bobs/Handful of Dust

Unrecorded song – one song


Cory ? (bass), Gerry Kramer (vocals), Mike ? (drums), Todd Graham (guitar)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1994) – Drown/Unspoken/Product of Neglect/Eternal Foundation/Walls/No Room/Salvation

“From Protest to Confrontation” demo (cassette, 199?) – Merlin/Glowbug/Salvation/Enraged/Unjustified Murder


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