Name index – Dave Wenger (RIP), Jason Flower, Paul Block, Steve McBean, Tony Galuza, etc.

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Generation Gap
Dave Wenger (RIP) - Ache Hour Credo, Breakwater

Dave Wenger (RIP) – Ache Hour Credo, Breakwater, Daddy’s Hands, M Blanket, Moral Decay. A tribute article is posted here.


Aaron Clark – Severence (vocals), Left of Center (vocals), Meatlocker Seven (vocals)

Aaron MacKenzie – Sensory Crossover (guitar), Camel Clutch (guitar), Repulverizer (guitar), Champions of Hell? (guitar)

Adam – B.H. (a.k.a Bitchunt)

Adam – Embrace the Kingdom

Adam – The Freaks

Ainslie Grieg – Idioblast (zine)

Alison Morley – Pressure Cooker (trombone)

Ami Brosseau – Eddie Steals the Embryo (keyboards), Norman Bates Valentine (keyboards/vocals), Confessions of a Mask (bass), The Truth About Angels (keyboards/vocals)

Andrew Walker – B.H. a.k.a Bitchhunt (drums), The Pricks (drums)

Andrew Evans – Gallery 6

Andrew Molloy – Bum (guitar/vocals)

Andrew Woolford – Vox Populi (bass/vocals)

Andria Schall – Sabat Info Shop

Andy Beaveridge – Tomorrow’s Hostility (?), Distorted Influence (guitar)

Andy Joyes – Muster’d Punt (guitar/vocals)

Andy Err – Show Business Giants (bass)

Andy Kerr – Nomeansno (guitar/vocals), Showbusiness Giants (guitar/bass/vocals), Hissanol (solo project)

Andy Termehr – Meatwagon (guitar)

Annette – The Vinaigrettes (vocals)

Arish – hump (stage prop), Retard (morbid puppet show)

Arlen Thompsen – Shrunken Heads (guitar), K.A.R.L. (drums), Ockham’s Razor (drums), Short Pants Romance (drums), The Whether (keyboards?)


Basil – The Vinaigrettes (tambourine)

Bill Horsfield – Let’s Put the X in Sex (vocals)

Billie Jean Miller (a.k.a. BIL) – Betty Ford (bass)

Ben Cherry – The Uniks (drums/vocals?), Golden Octopus (drums), We Win Society (?), Render Useless (drums/vocals)

Big Dan (Dan Hayward) – Ruin (zine)

Blaine – Trip Wyre (guitar)

Blind Mark – (Marlik/Blark) – DrunkTrank (drums), now in Dayglo Abortions (drums)

Bobbi Froese – Norman Bates Valentine (guitar), High Speed Death on the Autobahn (guitar), also: Through and Through (Vanderhoof, BC)

Brad Dunbar – The Astrozombies (bass)

Brad Kurushima – Spock (guitar/vocals?), Eddie Steals the Embryo (guitar/vocals?), New York City Rhythm (guitar/vocals), Norman Bates Valentine (guitar/vocals/keyboards), The Truth About Angels (guitar/vocals/keyboards), Ghosts

Brandon – Trip Wyre (baritone saxophone/vocals)

Brian – Sick Sense

Brian (Jesus Bonehead) – God Records (label), Dayglo Abortions (drums)

Brian Clement – Frontline Films, War Without End

Brian Glatiotis – Speakeasy (vocals)

Brigette Wilkins – The Viniagrettes (guitar/vocals)

Bryce Blake – Sensory Crossover (drums)

Bryn – War Without End

Bubba (Mike Hamilton) – 2211, Empty (guitar/vocals), Lost Cause (vocals), Nation of Shame (guitar/vocals), Fallow, Disassociate from Man (guitar/vocals), Contessa (vocals)

Buck Money – Moneyshot (vocals/guitar)


Caley Campbell – Curbside (drums)

Calvin Dick – Fracas (drums/power tools/vocals), Neckbeard (all instruments), The Viniagrettes (drums)

Cam Pipes – SITE (shows), Pilot Light (vocals/bass on first demo), Lando (vocals), Stand We at Last.?, Instill (bass/vocals), Embrace the Kingdom, Black Vein Prophecy (vocals), Allfather (bass/vocals on demo tapes)

Cam Wigmore – The Bombasts (saxophone)

Carey Mercer – Breakwater (guitar/vocals), The Republic of Freedom Fighters (guitar/vocals), also: Blue Pine (bar band)

Carmine Appice Jr. – Moneyshot (drums)

Carlos Williams – Odjick (vocals)

Caro – Third World Planet (vocals)

Carolyn Mark – The Viniagrettes (guitar/vocals), Showbusiness Giants (vocals/keyboards)

Catherine – The Viniagrettes (bass)

Ceilidh Grieve – Loud Mouth Mason (bass/vocals), Ockham’s Razor (bass/vocals)

Chad Jones – Red Pop Revenge (zine), M Blanket (bass/vocals), Ache Hour Credo (bass/vocals), Dillinger Mob (guitar/vocals)

Chad Klassen – Allfather (vocals)

Charles – M Blanket (drums), Ache Hour Credo (drums)

Charlie – Spikey Norman (guitar/vocals), The Resistance (guitar/vocals)

Chris – The Satisfying Few (bass/guitar/vocals)

Chris Borquin – Pressure Cooker (trumpet/vocals)

Chris Buck (RIP) – Shovlhed (bass/vocals)

Chris Coldwell – I.N.R.I. (vocals/guitar)

Chris Cunliffe – Weedshove (drums), Santa (drums), King Salmon (guitar)

Chris English – Dirtnap (bass)

Chris Hughes (Lettucehead) – Drone (drums), Contempt (vocals), Betty Ford (guitar/vocals), Scurvy (?)

Chris Iler – Fans of Bad Productions (label), Ten Dead Men, 26 Letter Prison

Chris Locker – Distorted Influence (vocals)

Chris O’Brien – Section 46 (bass/vocals)

Chris Sartisohn – Stickfarm (guitar)

Chris Stanley (RIP) – Grump (guitar)

Christian Head – Speakeasy (guitar)

Christian Stevenson – The Bombasts (bass)

Christine Hintz – Mudslinger (vocals/bass)

Christopher McDiarmid – Special Presentations (shows), Special Olympics (drums)

Clay – Luke Puke and the Babachucks (guitar)

Cliff Shemilt – Sabat Info Shop, Black Kronstadt (vocals)

Coilerest – Coiler (drums)

Colin MacRae – Pigment Vehicle (bass/vocals)

Cory ? – Outright (bass)

Corey ? – Grasp (vocals), Nation of Shame (vocals), Disassociate from Man (vocals)

Corey Peet – Sensory Crossover (bass), Third World Planet (bass), also: bass in Sub-Genius (Nanaimo, BC)

The Count (Stewart Fulke-Griville) – Let’s Put the X in Sex (poetry)

Craig Stewart – Allfather (drums)

Craig Vishek – Pigment Vehicle (guitar/vocals), Showbusiness Giants (guitar)

The Cruiser (Jeff Kruys) – Hebdomadal Omphaloskepsif Media Productions (label), Bounty; The High Taste of Adventure (vocals/clarinet), Mexican Power Authority (clarinet/vocals), Wanting to Work with Clay (guitar/vocals/percussion/noise), Roy Gbiv (noises), Let’s Put the X in Sex (keyboards), Soy (bass/vocals), God Bless the Children of the Beast (keyboards/vocals)

Curt Cox – Conviction (guitar/vocals)


Dale – Our Testicles Touch the Ground (bass), hump (bass), Wire Bastard? (bass)

Dan – Daddy’s Hands (ukelele)

Dan – Mexican Power Authority (drums)

Dan Beer – I.N.R.I. (drums)

Dan Feldman – Pressure Cooker (trombone/vocals)

Dan Ferneyhough – Section 46 (bass/vocals), Lootbag (bass), Benchwarmer (bass/vocals), Nothing to Lose (bass/vocals), Never Too Late (bass/vocals)

Dan Hayward (Big Dan) – Ruin (zine)

Dan Shortt – Dan the Soundman (live sound)

Dan Wear – Black Kronstadt (drums), Breach (drums), Leech Harvest (guitar/vocals)

Dane – Hiroshima 8:16, Chronomare (drums)

Dane – The Freaks

Daniel Colussi – Norman Bates Valentine (guitar), The Truth About Angels (guitar)

Danny Hourigan – Black Kronstadt (guitar), Deadset (guitar)

Dante Decaro – Intrepid Shapiro (drums)

Darren – Jonas (guitar/vocals)

Darryl Carter – Dirtnap (guitar)

Darryl Clark – Soul Charge (?), Pressure Cooker (guitar/vocals, fiddle), played bass in AK-47 after 2000

Darryl Curren – Dirtnap (guitar)

Dave – Trip Wyre (vocals/guitar), Names Taken (bass/vocals)

Dave Askins – Meatlocker Seven (drums)

Dave Bentley – Deranged (bass)

Dave Brown – Slow to Burn Records (label/distro/shows), Surefire Records (store), Laffing Stock (guitar), Shiner (guitar), Uncle Jessie, Ten Dead Men

Dave Dunnett – Curbside (bass/vocals)

Dave Eaton – Shutdown (vocals)

Dave Hughes – Severence (guitar)

Dave Knight – Onionhouse (vocals), The Uniks (vocals)

Dave Kool – Instill (vocals)

Dave Lewkowich – Shrunken Heads (guitar)

Dave Machander – Meatwagon (drums)

Dave Morin – Splatter Boys (guitar/vocals), Hudson Mack (guitar/vocals), Goat Boy (guitar), Prancer (guitar/vocals), AK47 (bass/vocals)

Dave Truscott – Pilot Light (guitar), Breakwater (guitar), Odjick (guitar), French Immersion (vocals), Golden Octopus (guitar?), Letters to the Lord Himself, also: Honeysuckle Serontina (Vancouver, BC)

Dave Wenger (RIP) – Moral Decay (guitar/vocals), Mblanket (guitar/vocals), Ache Hour Credo (guitar/vocals), Breakwater (guitar/vocals), Daddy’s Hands (as Mancoat) (guitar/vocals), also: solo project called Charter Cruise (Vancouver, BC)

David Taylor – Vox Populi (drums)

Dean – Sabat Info Shop, Black Kronstadt (bass)

Delaney – The Satisfying Few (?)

Devan – Breach (drums)

Devon Grieve – Loud Mouth Mason (guitar/vocals), Ockham’s Razor (guitar/vocals), Short Pants Romance (mandolin/vocals), Intrepid Shapiro (guitar/vocals)

Devon O’Brien – Severence (drums)

Dez – Fold?, Black Kronstadt (drums)

Dill – The Vinaigrettes (guitar)

Don Stenner – Loud Mouth Mason (drums)

Doug Copley- Assbackwards (?), Giblet (bass/vocals), Goat Boy (drums/vocals), Steele St. house shows (promoter)

Doug MacMinn – Our Testicles Touch the Ground (drums), Mexican Power Authority (drums), Exploding Nimoy (drums/vocals), Soy (drums/vocals), Peruke (drums/vocals), Repulverizer (drums/vocals), Champions of Hell (drums/vocals?)

Doug Stinson – Prancer (drums)

Dougan – Dougan’s Diary

Drue Swalwell – The Blythings, Intrepid Shapiro (guitar/vocals)

Dustin – Atrocity

Dustin Hawthorne – Ecto One (guitar/vocals), Stand We at Last.?, Odjick (bass), Nation of Shame (bass), Disassociate from Man (bass), Missles to Heaven (?/vocals), The Deathwatch?, Hot Hot Heat (bass/vocals)

Dustin Schwam – Assbackwards (drums), PinPricks (drums), The Pricks (drums), Shutdown (drums), Jumbo Prawn (?)

Dwayne – Infect (drums)

Dwayne – Weld (drums)


Ed Dobek – The Viniagrettes (drums)

Emily Bauslaugh (Mousey Connextion) (RIP) – Daddy’s Hands (bass?/vocals)

Eric – Benchwarmer (drums)

Eric Boros – The Garbage Society (label/distro), Manufracture (label/distro), Hermit (noises), Third World Planet (guitar/vocals)

Eric Nyberg – Qaid-I-Azam (guitar/effects)

Eric Proulx – Swell Prod. (guitar/sample interface)

Evan Raine – New York City Rhythm (bass)

Ezra – The Vinaigrettes (bass)


A Fluid Filled Sac (Jonah Fortune) – Daddy’s Hands


Garrett – Sabat Info Shop

Gary Brainless – Em Tee Head Productions (record label), The Resistance (drums/vocals), Micky Christ (vocals/drums), Spikey Norman (drums/vocals), Madman (drums), Mudslinger (filled in on drums), The Mudslingers (drums/vocals)

Geoff Smith – Contempt (drums)

Geordie Pickard – Excommunicated, Hiroshima 8:16 (vocals/guitar)

Gerald Hogrefe – Wire Bastard (vocals)

Gerry – Rosa (vocals), Closet Man (vocals?), Outright (vocals)

Gilbert Hogrefe – Wire Bastard (guitar)

Giles William – Muster’d Punt (bass)

Glen – Micky Christ (bass)

Glen Bitters – L.I.D. (?)

Glen Mullaly – Pez (vocals/guitar), The Stupes (vocals/guitar)

Gord Marshall – The Vinaigrettes (drums)

Gordie – Names Taken (guitar/vocals)

Graham – Black Vein Prophecy

Graham – Contessa (guitar)

Graham – Inner City Youth Works (venue)

Graham Hill – Demonation (guitar)

Graham Watson – Bum (drums), Never Too Late (drums/vocals), also: The Smugglers (Vancouver, BC)

Greg – Dougan’s Diary

Greg Cornell – Dirtnap (bass)

Greg Pratt – Look the Other Way (zine), Tavis Zine Distro, Diminutive Records (record label/distro), The Diminutive Revolution (distro/shows), Let’s Put the X in Sex (drums), Petty Forward Thought (drums), God Bless the Children of the Beast (drums/vocals), Wrought:Ironsmile (drums/vocals), Death and Taxes (drums)

Griphin (Phil Cavanagh) – Victoria Demo Restoration Projekt


Hadji Bakara – Deadset (vocals), Jonas (vocals), Kissinger=666 (vocals?), Pre-Post Meridian (keyboards?)

Hal Ferris – Spock (bass), Eddie Steals the Embryo (bass), Norman Bates Valentine (bass), Confessions of a Mask? (guitar/vocals), The Truth About Angels (bass)

Harlow Macfarlane – Debt of Nature (bass)

Harley – DrunkTrank (guitars)

Heath – Dayworld

Heather Danvers – Girl Stuff (zine)

Hoobie (Jason Greenwood) – Lost Cause (guitar), Laffing Stock (vocals)

Hugh Pomeroy – hump (stage prop), Banana Royal (drums), Big Sounder Chainsaw (drums), Crotch (?)


Ian Henderson – Hiroshima 8:16

Ian L. Rheault – Bungers (guitar/bass/vocals)

Ian Teeple (a.k.a. Cliff Syringe) – Big Sounder Chainsaw (bass)


J. Moore – Coletrain (zine)

J.P. – Hard to Say (drums/vocals)

J.P. Langlois – Weedshove (as Sally Hose-Off?) (vocals/guitar), hump (vocals/drum machine), Sally Hose-Off (all instruments), Retard (noise)

Jada Stevens – Rinse (bass)

Jade Carter – Debt of Nature (vocals)

Jake – Trip Wyre (tenor saxophone)

Jake Warren – Breach (vocals)

James Burge – Grump (bass)

James Nadeau – Mexican Power Authority (bass)

James “Parge” Pargiter – Pez (bass)

Jamie Elder – Food Not Bombs Victoria

Jamie Fulton – Lyle’s Place (record store), huge metal fan, Bum (drums), The Stupes (drums/vocals), The Astrozombies (drums)

Jamie Hooper – Chronomare (vocals), High Speed Death on the Autobahn (vocals)

Jamie Willis – Moral Decay (drums), Mblanket (drums), Hudson Mack (drums/vocals), played in AK-47 after 2000

Jaime Sheppard – Cheated?! (zine), The Power of Unity (conference)

Janet Woods – Sabat Info Shop, Enfa/lak (bass/vocals), Third World Planet (bass?)

Jarrod Metzger – Shrunken Heads (drums)

Jason ? – Malevolence

Jason Bonneau – Pigment Vehicle (drums/vocals), Colour out of Space (vocals)

Jason Brown (RIP) – Fuckpig (drums)

Jason Clark – Grump (vocals)

Jason Deatherage – Muster’d Punt (drums)

Jason Flower – Break Even Records (label/distro, recording), Tomorrow’s Hostility (vocals), Sabat Info Shop, Pez (bass), Dayworld (vocals), Seatbelt (?), Stickfarm (guitar/vocals), Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret (drums), Black Kronstadt (drums), Bounty; The High Taste of Adventure (guitar), Mexican Power Authority (vocals), Enfa/lak (drums/vocals), Third World Planet (drums/vocals)

Jason Greenwood (Hoobie) – Lost Cause (guitar), Laffing Stock (vocals)

Jason Harvey – Debt of Nature (guitar), Deranged (guitar), Crepitus (guitar)

Jason Jeremy Fortin – The Novaks (?), The Riotstarters (?)

Jason Maher – Dirtnap (vocals)

Jason Schreurs – The Road Map (BC diy guide), The Diminutive Revolution (distro/shows), Generation Gap (this thing), Somewhere to Go: punk Victoria (documentary film)

Jason Siska – Section 46 (drums/vocals), Lootbag (drums/vocals), Uncle Jessie

Jason Welsh – Fold?, Grasp (bass), Jonas (bass)

Little Jay – L.I.D. (?), The Satisfying Few (?)

Jay Beddows – The Uniks (bass), Render Useless (bass)

Jay Maze – Instill (guitar)

Jay Parker – Sensory Crossover (vocals)

Jay Siska – Lootbag (drums/vocals)

Jay Watts – High Speed Death on the Autobahn (guitar)

Jean-Paul (Schwantz Plench?) – Daddy’s Hands (saxophone)

Jeff Kruys (The Cruiser) – Hebdomadal Omphaloskepsif Media Productions (label), Bounty; The High Taste of Adventure (vocals/clarinet), Mexican Power Authority (clarinet/vocals), Wanting to Work with Clay (guitar/vocals/percussion/noise), Roy Gbiv (noises), Let’s Put the X in Sex (keyboards), Soy (bass/vocals), God Bless the Children of the Beast (keyboards/vocals)

Jeff Trawick – The Kremlin (drums), High Speed Death on the Autobahn (drums)

Jeff Turnbull – Distorted Influence (bass/vocals), Severence (guitar), Left of Center (guitar)

Jenna Piewick – Black Kronstadt (violin), Death and Taxes (violin)

Jennye Rieper – Showbusiness Giants (vocals/keyboards)

Jeremy Foster – The Trousers (drums)

Jeremy Erickson – Speakeasy (drums/vocals)

Jeremy Loveday – Jalden Records (label), Cringe (solo project), Panhandle Productions (promoter)

Jeremy Riishede – Grasp (guitar), Render Useless (bass)

Jeremy Robinson – Ditch Records (store)

Jeremy Turner – Stickfarm (drums/vocals), Pez (drums), Mexican Power Authority (drums), Qaid-I-Azam (bass/vocals/percussion), Xipperstein (noises)

Jesse Scott – Short Pants Romance (guitar/vocals)

Jessie Snow – Trip Wyre (drums), Andre’s Last Chance (drums), Short Pants Romance (drums)

Jessie Cahill – Pressure Cooker (drums), AK-47 (drums)

Jesus Bonehead (Brian) – God Records (label), Dayglo Abortions (drums)

Jim Weileby – V.O.I.D. (promoter), Gumby and Pokey Productions (promoter), Rinse (drums), The Satisfying Few (drums)

Jimbo – Sick Sense

Jode Shortreed – Attempt (zine), Two Yout’s (record store), Closet Man (drums?), Babylon 8, Pilot Light (drums), French Immersion (guitar/vocals), Odjick (drums), Rosa (drums), Empty (drums/vocals), Breakwater (drums/vocals), The Republic of Freedom Fighters (drums), Golden Octopus (vocals), Letters to the Lord Himself, also: Honeysuckle Serontina (Vancouver, BC)

Jody Richards – Sabat Info Shop

Joe Houle – Goat Boy (bass/vocals), Black Market Fruits (bass), AK-47 (bass, currently)

Joe Pertratur – Headrush Records (label)

Joe Sousa Vox Populi  (guitar/vocals)

Joey – Shutdown (guitar)

John – Lost Cause (drums)

John – Pez

John – The Resistance (vocals)

John Crellin – Pressure Cooker (drums)

John London (RIP) – Jerk Ward (drums), Mission of Christ (drums), Onionhouse (drums), Giblet (drums), Leech Harvest (drums), Pigment Vehicle (drums)

John Pollard (Schwanz Plench) – Daddy’s Hands (saxophone)

John Siska – Fallow

John Williams – Big Sounder Chainsaw (guitar)

John Wright – Nomeansno (drums/vocals), The Showbusiness Giants (drums)

Johnny Coiler – Coiler (guitar), Madman (guitar)

Jon – Breach (guitar)

Jon Craggs – Red Tide (guitar/vocals)

Jonathan Murphy – The Stupes (bass/vocals)

Jonah Fortune (A Fluid Filled Sac) – Daddy’s Hands (drums)

Jonathan – Contempt (vocals)

Jonathon Aiello – Special Olympics (bass)

Jordan Clark – Left of Center (bass)

Josh – Pilot Light (drums)

Josh Blaser – Big Sounder Chainsaw (vocals)

Josh Erickson – Speakeasy (guitar/vocals)

Josh Stull – Dayworld (guitar/tamborine/vocals)

Jules Charles – The Bombasts (drums)

Justin Hagberg – Allfather (guitar/vocals)

Jym Wilson – Special Presentations (shows), Special Olympics (vocals)


Kaila – Guitar Good Oppression Bad (shows)

Kalani Rita – Fuckpig (guitar/vocals), Allfather (vocals)

Kate Simms – Fuckpig (vocals/bass)

Katrina Weileby – V.O.I.D. (shows), Gumby and Pokey Productions (promoter)

Keith Jones – Petty Forward Thought (vocals), Ecto One (vocals), K.A.R.L. (vocals)

Keith Laidman – Left of Center (bass)

Keith Rose – Showbusiness Giants (bass)

Kelly Avril Nordstrom – Scrape Chamber (guitar), Evisceration

Ken Jensen (RIP) – Red Tide (drums/vocals), Showbusiness Giants (bass), also: drummed in D.O.A. (Vancouver)

Ken Kempster – Showbusiness Giants (drums/vocals), Shovlhed (drums/vocals), Swell Prod. (drums/vocals)

Kent – Dayworld

Kent – Names Taken (drums)

Kent Kynastion – Left of Center (drums)

Kent Webb – The Clusterfux (guitar/vocals), Goat Boy (guitar), The Astrozombies (bass), Giblet (guitar/vocals), Prancer (guitar), Leech Harvest (bass), producer, AK-47 (guitar, currently)

Kenton Kroker – Hoofrarump (guitar/vocals)

Kerry ? – The Viniagrettes (drums/vocals)

Kev ? – Morpheus

Kev Smith – The Neos, Mission of Christ (guitar), Mexican Power Authority (guitar/vocals)

Kevin – Micky Christ (drums/vocals), Madman (vocals)

Kevin Lee – Funhouse (record store), Bum (bass/vocals)

Kevin McKee – Dirtnap (drums)

Kevin Scofield – Stereo-Type Records (label), NARC

Kim Block – Fig.4 (bass/vocals), The Trousers (bass/vocals)

Kim Stewart – The Viniagrettes (guitar/vocals)

Knuckles – DrunkTank (bass)


Lee Harris – K.A.R.L.

Leigh Grisewood – Pressure Cooker (bass)

Lettucehead (Chris Hughes) – Drone (drums), Contempt (vocals), Betty Ford (guitar/vocals), Scurvy (?)

Lincoln McCulloch – Grump (drums)

Lou Bujdoso – Meatwagon (vocals/bass)

Lucas Maher – Rinse (bass)

Luke Taylor – Black Kronstadt (vocals)

Luke Burgess – Betty Ford (drums), The Clusterfux (drums), Distorted Influence (drums/vocals), Goat Boy (drums/vocals), Goon Squad (drums), Nothing to Lose (drums/vocals), Luke Puke and the Baba-Chucks (vocals), AK-47 (drums)

Luke Ramsey – Shrunken Heads (vocals)

Lyndsay Sung – Offbeat (editor), Guitar Good Oppression Bad (shows), Sob Story (drums)


Malcolm Croome – Sabat Info Shop, Chronic Knot Productions (shows), The Underground Voice (all-ages show listings phone line), Ditch Records (record store)

Mancoat (Dave Wenger) (RIP) – Daddy’s Hands (guitar/vocals)

Marissa – Ramblings (zine)

Marcus Pollard – Red Tide (bass), promoter

Mark – Spikey Norman (bass/vocals), The Resistance (bass/vocals)

Mark – Atrocity

Mark Franklin – Swell Prod. (bass)

Mark Hanna – Pressure Cooker (bass)

Mark Johnstone – Stickfarm (bass/vocals)

Mark Morrison – Shutdown (bass)

Mark Waldie – Dayworld (drums/timpani/temple blocks/tamborine/vocals)

Marlik (Blark/Blind Mark) – DrunkTrank (drums)

Matt – Hoofrarump (drums)

Matt – Lost Cause (guitar/vocals)

Matt Beasley – The Clusterfux (bass)

Matt Lock – Black Market Fruits (drums)

Matt Norrish – Severence (bass)

Matt Pollard – Vox Populi (vocals/guitars)

Matt Shane – Perry Como Lives (drums)

Matt Skillings – Run Chico Run (drums/vocals)

Matthew McLean – Camel Clutch (drums)

Matty Marnik – New York City Rhythm (drums), The Deathwatch (vocals), Hot Hot Heat (vocals)

Maury Kaufmann – The Blythings (drums)

Max – Black Kronstadt (spoken word)

Maxine Smolkin – Wet Nap (zine)

Menstrual Sponge, Retard (morbid puppet show)

Mercedes Calvert – Fig.4 (guitar/vocals), The Trousers (guitar/vocals)

Michael – Banana Royal (vocals)

Michael – Weld (vocals)

Michael Rack – Death and Taxes (bass), also: Blue Pine (bar band)

Michelle Deines – Largetooth (zine)

Mike – Black Kronstadt (bass), The Sophistos

Mike – Grasp (drums)

Mike – hump (guitar), Santa (guitar), Retard (noise)

Mike – Mission of Christ (vocals)

Mike – The Resistance (guitar/vocals), Goon Squad

Mike – Outright (drums)

Mike Hamilton (Bubba) – 2211, Empty (guitar/vocals), Lost Cause (vocals), Nation of Shame (guitar/vocals), Fallow, Disassociate from Man (guitar/vocals), Contessa (vocals)

Mike Lowe – The Underground Voice (all-ages show listings phone line/shows)

Mike Melgaard – Short Pants Romance (keyboards)

Mike Selman – Meatlocker Seven (guitar)

Mike Shauch – Demonation (guitar)

Mike Stoutley – Sensory Crossover (guitar)

Mike Synnuck – shows, Soulcharge

Mombo – Black Market Fruits (vocals)

Moron (Ron Brogden) – Infect (vocals), Drone (guitar/vocals), Martensville (guitar/computer/keyboards/vocals), Darth Brooks (guitar/programming)

Mousey Connextion (Emily) (RIP) – Daddy’s Hands (bass/vocals)

Mr. Sunshine (Noah) – Weld (bass)

Murray Acton – Dayglo Abortions (vocals), Serious About Money (all instruments), Colour out of Space


Nathan – Names Taken (vocals/guitar)

Nathan Cunnings – Bosevus Productions (label/shows)

Neil Cooke-Dallin – Polka Haunt-Us (label), recording bands, Hard to Say (guitar/vocals), Wrought:Ironsmile (guitar/vocals), Prancer (guitar), Goat Boy (guitar/vocals)

Nev Gibson – Bosevus Productions (label/shows), Trip Wyre (alto saxophone)

Niall McLachlan – Bounty; The High Taste of Adventure (guitar), (as Carbuncle Penis-Vein) Wanting to Work with Clay (noise/bass/keyboards)

Nick Honour – Demonation (bass)

Nick Sheehan – Sabat Info Shop, Nicoteen comics?

Nicole – Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.?, Enfa/lak (vocals), also: vocals/accordian in Ersatz (Vancouver, BC)

Noah – 2211?

Noah – hump (bass), Santa (bass)

Noah (Mr. Sunshine) – Weld (bass)

Noel Davies – Lyle’s Place (record store), metal, Malevolence (bass?), Camel Clutch (vocals), Allfather (vocals), Repulverizer (vocals)

Noel Tate – Distorted Influence (bass)

Nonni Urich – Sabat Info Shop, Black Kronstadt (vocals)

Norm Apro – Conviction (bass)


Oliver – Boomtown Records (store), Dooeye

Oliver – The Whether (drums)

Owen – Darth Brooks (vocals)

Owen Bradley – Debt of Nature (guitar)


Pat – Sick Sense

Patrick Beattie – Largetooth (zine)

Paul – Black Vein Prophecy (?)

Paul – Breaking (zine), French Immersion (guitar)

Paul – Dougan’s Diary

Paul Block – Hoofrarump (bass/vocals), Uncle Jessie, The Uniks (guitar/vocals), Benchwarmer (guitar/vocals), Render Useless (guitar/vocals)

Paul Chantry – Bounty; The High Taste of Adventure (guitar), Exploding Nimoy (guitar/bass), Soy (guitar), Peruke (guitar)

Paul Hawley – Demonation (drums), Hot Hot Heat (drums)

Paul Jacobsen – Allfather (drums/vocals on demo tapes)

Paul Shrimpton – Shutdown, Pressure Cooker (vocals)

Paul Spriggs – Shutdown, Pressure Cooker (guitar/cabasa/vocals)

Paul Turner – Breach (guitar)

Paulina Ortlieb – The Vinaigrettes (bass), Somewhere to Go: punk Victoria (documentary film)

Pete Spriggs – Exploding Nimoy (bass)

Pete Locker – Debt of Nature (drums)

Peter Jonassen – recording bands, I.N.R.I. (bass/vocals)

Pete Randell (RIP) – Moral Decay (bass)

Peter Roland – Spock (drums), Eddie Steals the Embryo (drums), Norman Bates Valentine (drums), The Truth About Angels (drums)

Phil Cavanagh (a.k.a. Griphin) – Victoria Demo Restoration Projekt


Quin McColloch – Debt of Nature (vocals)

Quinn Slobodian – Instill (guitar), Contingent Caonabo (vocals)


Randall – Martensville (vocals/guitar/keyboards/computer)

Randy – Mission of Christ (bass)

Randy Babachuck – Goon Squad, Luke Puke and the Babachucks (bass)

Randy Camponi – Ecto One (drums), Contessa (drums)

Reg Flech – The Republic of Freedom Fighters (guitar), K.A.R.L. (?)

Regan Perlett – Scrape Chamber (drums)

Rich Trawick – The Kremlin (bass/vocals), High Speed Death on the Autobahn (bass)

Richard Smackolsky – Moneyshot (bass/vocals)

Rick Andrews – Funhouse (record store), Way Out Records (label)

Rick Gardner – The Bungers (drums)

Rob – Curbside (vocals)

Rob – Madman (bass)

Rob Duffy – Infect (guitar), Shutdown (guitar)

Rob Gretsinger – Qaid-I-Azam (drums/percussion/vocals)

Rob Nesbitt – Section 46 (vocals/guitar), Bum (guitar/vocals), The Astro-Zombies (vocals), The Suite Sixteen (solo project), AK47 (guitar/vocals), Somewhere to Go: punk Victoria (documentary film)

“Little” Rob Tringingham – B.H. a.k.a Bitchhunt (guitar), The Pricks (guitar?)

Rob Wright – Nomeansno (bass/vocals)

Robert Shuster – Scrape Chamber (vocals)

Robin Wellman – Curbside (guitar/vocals)

Rod Marlow – Muster’d Punt (vocals/harp)

Ron Brogden (Moron) – Infect (vocals), Drone (guitar/vocals), Martensville (guitar/computer/keyboards/vocals), Darth Brooks (guitar/programming)

Rosemary – The Vinaigrettes (drums)

Ross – The Freaks

Ross – Hiroshima 8:16

Ross Butterfield – Deranged (guitar)

Ryan – Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.?, also: bass in Ersatz (Vancouver, BC)

Ryan – Weld (guitar)

Ryan Moist – Laffing Stock (drums), Shiner (drums), Uncle Jessie (vocals?), Dillinger Mob (drums)


Sally Hose-Off (J.P. Langlois?) – Weedshove (vocals/guitar)

Salvi Seandale – Demonation (vocals)

Sam Dunn – Scrape Chamber (bass)

Sam Langridge – Curbside (guitar/vocals)

Sandra – Inner City Youth Works (venue)

Sarah Nordean – Fig.4 (guitar/vocals), The Trousers (guitar/vocals)

Sarah Bell – Sabat Info Shop, Third World Planet (vocals)

Sarah Kramer – How It All Vegan (zine/cookbook)

Sarah Skelton – Mudslinger (drums)

Sarah Trotto – Mudslinger (guitar)

Savannah ? – Dillinger Mob (bass/vocals)

Schwanz Plench (John Pollard) – Daddy’s Hands (saxophone)

Scott ? – Deadset (vocals)

Scott Dionne – Dayworld (bass/vocals)

Scott Gibson – Lando (bass)

Scott Henderson – Sea of Shit (recording studio), Serious About Money (all instruments), Showbusiness Giants (guitar, other instruments), Shovlhed (guitar/vocals), Swell Prod. (vocals/guitar), Hissanol (?), The Viniagrettes (bass)

Scott Laming – Bosevus Productions (label/shows)

Scott Murdoch – Deranged (vocals)

Sean Brooks – Wire Bastard (bass), Micky Christ (bass/vocals)

Sean Roberts – Trip Wyre (bass/vocals)

Sean Thomas – France’s Fjord (label), Diminutive Records (label/distro), Petty Forward Thought (bass/vocals), Wrought:Ironsmile (bass/vocals), Ecto One (bass), Missles to Heaven (bass/vocals)

Serena – Weedshove (bass)

Seth Smith – Rinse (guitar/vocals)

Shaun McConnell – Deadset (drums), Jonas (drums)

Shaun Ross – Onionhouse (bass), Pigment Vehicle (bass)

Shawn McCombs – Shiner (vocals)

Shiko Nomura – Cunthole Surfergettes (drums/percussion/vocals)

Shirley – The Underground Voice (all-ages show listings phone line/shows)

Soma – Weedshove (guitar), King Salmon (guitar), Darth Brooks (guitar)

Spudly Coils – Coiler (bass)

Stefan – Instill (guitar)

Stephe – Goat Boy (guitar/vocals)

Stephe Flach – Contempt (bass), Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. (?), Enfa/lak (guitar/vocals), also: guitar/vocals in Insult to Injury and Submission Hold (Vancouver, BC)

Steve Bailey – Neos, Somewhere to Go: punk Victoria (documentary film)

Steve Bays – SITE (shows), Pilot Light (bass/guitar on first demo), Nation of Shame (drums), Lando (drums), French Immersion (drums), Instill (drums), New York City Rhythm (guitar/vocals), Stand We at Last.?, Disassociate from Man (drums), Fuck You – I’m Stealing Home, Hot Hot Heat (keyboards)

Steve Dohnberg – Drone (bass), Bounty; The High Taste of Adventure (bass), King Salmon (bass), Banana Royal (bass)

Steve McBean – Jerk Ward, Red Tide (bass), Mission of Christ (guitar), Onionhouse (guitar/vocals), Gus (vocals/guitar), also: vocals/guitar in Ex-Dead Teenager and Jerk with a Bomb – Vancouver, BC

Steve Migliarese – Meatlocker Seven (bass/vocals)

Steve Simard – Gas Pedal (zine), Two Yout’s (record store), Cashback (record label), Closet Man (bass?), Babylon 8 (bass?), Rosa (bass), Empty (bass/vocals), French Immersion (bass), Breakwater (bass/vocals), The Republic of Freedom Fighters (bass/vocals), Kissinger=666, also: drums in Atlas Strategic (bar band)

Steve Trevor – Moneyshot (guitar/vocals)

Stewart Fulke-Griville (The Count) – Let’s Put the X in Sex (poetry)

Sunneane – Weedshove (guitar)

Sunny Dhak – Confessions of a Mask (guitar/vocals), High Speed Death on the Autobahn (guitar)

Sylvain – Splatter Boys (bass/vocals)

Sylvia (Sarah?) – Fracas (bass/violin/vocals)


Tania – Fracas (guitar/vocals), B.H. (bass), Luke Puke and the Babachucks (guitar)

Tanya – Beelzeboobies

Tanya Bernard – Food Not Bombs Victoria, How It All Vegan (zine/cookbook)

Tavis Radford – Let’s Put the X in Sex (vocals)

Teresa – Shadow Box (zine)

Terry ? – Micky Christ (guitar/vocals)

Thomas Aldersparre – Camel Clutch (bass)

Thomas Shields – Run Chico Run (guitar/vocals)

Tim O’Neil – Deadset (bass)

Tim ? – Black Vein Prophecy

Tim ? – Contessa (bass)

Tim Horner – The Stupes (guitar)

Tim Johnson – Our Testicles Touch the Ground (guitar/vocals), Big Sounder Chainsaw (bass), Cunthole Surfergettes (vocals/guitar/bass), Banana Royal (guitar), Crotch (?)

Tim O’Neil – Deadset (bass)

Tim Sweeting – Conviction (drums), Deranged (drums)

Tim Youell – Bounty; The High Taste of Adventure (drums), hump (drums)

Toby Hicks – Moral Decay (guitar), Jumbo Prawn

Tod – Gus (drums/vocals), also: drums/vocals in Idahoan (Vancouver, BC)

Todd Graham – Rosa (guitar), Outright (guitar), Lost Cause (bass), Grasp (guitar), Lando (guitar), Contingent Caonabo, City of Harlequin?, Fuck You – I’m Stealing Home, Death and Taxes (guitar/vocals), also: Jackie and the Reckless Abandon (bar band), and guitar? in Lit and State Route 522 (Seattle, WA)

Todd Majheur – Lootbag (trumpet)

Tolan McNeil – Onionhouse (guitar/vocals), Gus (bass)

Tom – Black Kronstadt (drums)

Tom – Breach (bass)

Tom – Repulverizer (bass), Champions of Hell? (bass)

Tom Holliston – Showbusiness Giants (guitar/vocals), also: guitar in Nomeansno (Vancouver, BC)

Tom Saville – Let’s Put the X in Sex (bass), Petty Forward Thought (guitar)

Tony Goluza – Infect (bass), Section 46 (guitar/vocals), Soulcharge, Lootbag (guitar/vocals), Nothing to Lose (guitar/vocals), Never Too Late (guitar/vocals), Hudson Mack (bass/vocals), AK47 (guitar/vocals)

Tony Oliveira – Meatlocker Seven (guitar/vocals)

Trena Canham – Fig.4 (drums)

Trevor – Shutdown (vocals)

Trevor Diet – Speakeasy (bass)

Trevor Fielding – Coercion (zine), Special Presentations (shows), Special Olympics (guitar/vocals)

Trevor Shea – Fallow? (guitar), 26 Letter Prison

Trish Glab – Pressure Cooker (tenor saxophone)

Tristan Hume – Shrunken Heads (bass)

Tyler Forslund – Mystery Meat (zine), The Jizzwailers (vocals)


Vanya McDonell – Hard to Say (bass/vocals), Beelzeboobies

Vic – Splatter Boys (drums/vocals)


Wade Swagar – Slow to Burn Records (label/distro/shows), Surefire Records (store), Laffing Stock (bass), Shiner (bass), Uncle Jessie, Ten Dead Men (?), 26 Letter Prison (?), Render Useless (bass)

Weaver Armstrong – Run Chico Run (bass/vocals)

Will – Black Market Fruits (guitar)

Willy Jak – Assbackwards (?), PinPricks (?), The Pricks (?), now plays bass/vocals in Dayglo Abortions

Wolf Edwards – Sabat Info Shop, Anarchist Youth Productions (shows), Contempt (guitar), Black Kronstadt (guitar)


Xero Fetus – The Satisfying Few (bass/guitar/vocals)


Zach – B.H. (vocals)

Zack – King Salmon (vocals)

Zsolt Sander – The Bombasts (vocals)

  1. Sarina says:

    Also RIP:
    Chris Buck, Jason Brown

    Last names: Mercedes (fig4) Calvert
    Sarah Nordean, Kim Block

    • j harvey says:

      Was Atrocity done by ’90. Dustin and Mark …
      Quin McColloch was in Debt of Nature also.

      Sorry to add… Pete Randall. RIP ’95.. I think

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