P-Q – Peruke, Petty Forward Thought, Pigment Vehicle, Pressure Cooker, etc.

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Generation Gap
Colin MacRae of Pigment Vehicle.

Colin MacRae of Pigment Vehicle.



Noah McNair? (bass?/vocals?), ??


[Shows in a low-income housing complex on Pandora Ave, right downtown. Malcolm Croome, among others, put on shows here: Assuck, Reversal of Man, Bread and Circuits, Yaphet Kotto, Submission Hold, etc.]


[Put on shows, including at the Gordon Head Rec Centre.]


[Started in 1998, played two shows locally and a couple shows in Vancouver. One lives in Tsawassen, one somewhere else?]

Mark McComb (vocals/guitar), Matt Shane (drums) [Previous member – J Clisby (bass).]

Unrecorded songs – Epic #1


[Power violence/grindcore formed out of the remains of Soy in 1998, known for hilarious song titles and lyrics and short, fast songs. Doug’s collection of goofy baseball hats and Paul’s relentless in-between-song guitar playing (at a low volume) were also important characteristics. Their Live Victoria profile is here.]

Doug MacMinn (drums/vocals), Paul Chantry (guitar)


“Procol Harum’s Favourite Band by a Mile Demo ‘98” demo (cassette, 1998) – Down Jacket/Like-Chill, Dude/Pro Sports Can Go Fuck Itself Right Up It’s Own Ass/Missed Out on the Gensing!/Christian Drive-By/Stallvaulter

“Please… Mess With Texas” (CD, 2000, Guts Records) – Monsieur le Pen est une Bete/Bring Back Stubbies/McCoy Tyner Rules/Jennifer Connelly Also Rules/Every Single Vocalist Who has Ever been even Remotely Influenced by James Hetfield, Eddie Vedder or Philip Anselmo Should Fucking Die! Die! Die!/Film People Who Really Bug Me/Your Choice/Islamic Extremists Should Reconsider the Whole Thing/I Wanna Be a Wrestlin’ Russian V.I.P./Death Takes a Holiday (With Amorphis)/”Extreme” Sports Are for Lame-Ass Posers Who Lack the Basic Fucking Co-ordination for the more Traditional Sports/Extreme Grindcore is for Lame-Ass “Musicians” Who Lack the Basic Fucking Motivation for Traditional Punk-HC/Declaratory (Defamatory?) Song Titles are Always the Good Song Titles/It’s “Curmudgeon Rock,” for Chrissakes! What Did You Expect, Asshole?/Ain’t No Schmoozer/ Down Jacket/Like-Chill, Dude/Pro Sports Can Go Fuck Itself Right Up Its Own Ass/Missed Out on the Ginseng/X-tian Drive-By/Stallvaulter


[Emo rock.]

Greg Pratt (drums), Keith Jones (vocals), Tom Saville (guitar), Sean Thomas (bass)


V/A – “8:11 on a Summer Night” (cassette, 1997, Diminutive Records) – 6

Unreleased recordings – sleeping.to wake up./Sean Did/Robyn Hood/Revelation/Gun/(untitled)/(untitled)/1-(Alibi)2/3/4/5/7/Fast Tank of Shit/New Improv/Improv

Live on CFUV (October 18, 1996) – Revelation/6/1/2/(untitled)/sleeping.to wake up.


[1991-1994, then became The Stupes. “We released a couple of copies of our demo to a couple labels in our first, pop/punk hardcore incarnation. Then the first Stupes demo was recorded as Pez (the second, non-hardcore version of the band) before we changed the name,” says guitarist/vocalist Glen Mullaly.]

Glen Mullaly (guitar/vocals), Jamie Fulton (drums) (replaced Jeremy Turner), James “Parge” Pargiter (bass) (replaced Jason Flower)

“Who Swallowed the Ball?” unreleased demo [recorded while Jason Flower and Jeremy Turner were in the band]


[1989-1998, prog-punk. Formed in 1989 by Jason Bonneau and Colin MacRae, who played bass in the early years. Craig Vishek joined in 1991 and Tolan McNeil (ex-Gus, went on to play with country rockers Neko Case and Carolyn Mark) joined in 1994/95. Shawn Ross joined on bass in 2000. John London (RIP) joined on drums in 1998. An extensive description of the band is found here on globalpunditorg’s Flickr post. Their Last FM page is here.]

Craig Vishek (guitar/vocals), Colin MacRae (baritone guitar/vocals), Jason Bonneau (drums/vocals/keyboards), Tolan McNeil (guitar)


“Hockey Night In Saskatoon” demo (cassette, 1990) – Three Parts/Let It Go/Metamorphosis/I’m an Alligator/Look Up and Live/Ivan F./Kitty/It’s Nothing In Particular/Your Car Door Is Open

“Let the Squids Fly Free” (cassette, 1992, Way Out! Records) – Savin My Cash for a Hog/This Is for Your Eyes Only, That’s for Sure/I Am/Cheese Omelettes/Perogies for Everyone/Torpedo Sandwich/Bikini Underwear/Hi Fish/Oedipus (Ford Pickup) Complexis/Smoking a Small Piece of Your Brain in a Pipe Made from Your Love’s Ball and Socket/Half in Half Out/The Wilma Dance

“Perfect Cop Mustache” (CD/cassette, 1993, Incentive, INC032) – Sword to Sword/Cylindrical Earth’s Women/Lice/And Then They Went/Chicken Blaster/Harold’s Club/Draize/You Need Colour, You Need Death/Big Floppy/Total Control/Toxic Logs/Clean Baby Machine/Dig/Bastard Formula

V/A – “Groove Garden – Victoria Independent Music Compilation” (CD, 1994) – I’m an Alligator/Smoking a Small Piece of Your Brain in a Pipe Made from Your Love’s Ball and Socket

“Independent Women Are So Damn Good” demo (cassette, 1996) – Lawn Boy Not Moving/I Feel Fine/Break a Neck/Queen of the World

“Independent Women Are So Damn Good” (CD, 1996, Wrong Records – Vancouver, BC) – Lawn Boy Not Moving/I Feel Fine/Break Aneck/Queen of the World/F.P.P.C.S./Fully Grown/Independent Women…/Lights/Learn to Breath

“Murder’s Only Foreplay When You’re Hot for Revenge” (CD, 1998, Sudden Death Records – Vancouver, BC) – Sleep/Garbage/Fake Rescope/I Compare You/Combing the Dessert/It’s Impossible/Starling Killer/Conspiracy/Corvus Brachorbyncos/Bubble Highness/The Wonder of It All (Baby)/Bug on My Bag/(A 13th track is called Bouef Mon Amour is listed, but only 12 tracks are on the CD)


Cam Pipes (vocals/bass on first demo), Dave Truscott (guitar), Jode Shortreed (drums) (replaced Josh), Steve Bays (bass/guitar on first demo) (took over bass from Cam Pipes)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1994) – Not for Long/Trying Again/Over/Junk/Follow the Herd/Oh Canada/This is Called Democracy/My Brother’s Trophy/Stop the Ignorance/False Message/Slip/Relate to the Silence/Sentenced/No Doubt/Can’t Drive

Self-titled demo (cassette, 1995) – Left Alone/Voiceless/1732/Fall Through/Level/Not Without a Struggle/Final Excursion/The Reaction


Gareth Kyle Gaudin (vocals/bass), Kent Bendall? (guitar/vocals), Pat ? (took over bass from Gareth), Rob O. (drums)


V/A – “Magic Teeth Presents Bum and Pingu!” (7”, 2000, Magic Teeth Records) – Sugar Sandwich (Leather Uppers cover) “Valve Ape Rat Bones/Triceratops Maw”

V/A – “Magic Teeth Record #2” (7” with zine, 1997, Magic Teeth Records) – My Chinchilla (cub cover)


[Punk rock, formerly Assbackwards, went on to become The Pricks.]

Willy Jak, Doug Copley, Dustin Schwam


[Garage rock. “The Sugarbuzz and PixieStix Six Six are just names I gave to recordings for Magic Teeth Records. Not real bands in any shape or form,” says Kent Bendall.]

Kent Bendall


Dave Morin (bass/vocals), Doug Stinson (drums), Kent Webb (guitar), Neil Cooke-Dallin (guitar)


[Folk ambience with drum machine, played one show and keyboardist Hadji Bakara supposedly didn’t show up?]

Hadji Bakara (keyboards), Michael Rak (bass), Todd Graham (guitar)


[Ska-punk. Their first show was at the Beacon Hill Band Shelter in 1992. Formed by Paul Spriggs, Paul Shrimpton and Jessie Cahill. Their CD combined their June ’94 recording with their 7”, demo, and “Groove..” song. They played a reunion show in the summer of 2000 at Market Square with a bunch of big ska bands from the US, $20 ticket.]

Chris Borquin (trumpet/vocals), Alison Morley (trombone) (replaced Dan Feldman), Darryl Clark (guitar/vocals, fiddle), John Crellin (drums) (replaced Jessie Cahill), Mark Hanna (bass) (replaced Leigh Grisewood), Kelly Kijack? (vocals) (replaced Paul Shrimpton), Paul Spriggs (guitar/cabasa/vocals), Trish Glab (tenor saxophone)


“Cooked” demo (cassette, 1993) – African Tune/Loser/Relic/Under the Sun/You Can’t Have It/Peanuts (“Peanuts” theme song cover)/Brontosaurus/Indifferent/Big Fucken Happy Day/Speed Closet/Darryl Loves Steph./Eggplant

“A la Ska” (7”, 1994, Stinkin’ Agnes Records) – A la Ska/Liberator

“Contents Under Pressure” (CD, 1994) – Buried/Activate/In the Bar/Message to Dimitri/In that Mood Again/Hybrid Junkie/On the Beat/Not in Service/Man in the Street/LSD/Liberator/A la Ska/Girl in the Bathroom/Relic/Brontosaurus/Indifferent/Loser/Happy Day/Under the Sun/African/Can’t Have It/Speed Closet/Eggplant/Peanuts (“Peanuts” theme song cover)/Socasucker

V/A – “Groove Garden – Victoria Independent Music Compilation” (CD, 1994) – Girl in the Bathroom/Liberator

V/A – “Full Dynamic Range” (CD, 1995) – Ode to Rock ‘n’ Roll/Alice


[Punk rock. Little Rob Tringingham and Andrew Walker also both played in Bitchhunt. “At the last The Pricks show Rob was so loaded that he could not play so after about 10 minutes of his rambling, Dustin leapfrogged over the drums and one-punk KO’ed Rob. I think Rob also had a dead kitten necklace on as well. Fun times, eh?” remember Luke Burgess, who was at the show.]

Willy Jak, Dustin Schwam (replaced Andrew Walker), Little Rob Tringingham



[Progressive rock at it’s finest and quirkiest. Not exactly “punk” by any means, but features Mr. Turner, and played with Mexican Power Authority at the University of Victoria and rocked the house. Only played five shows in total, three at UVic and two house parties. Early band name was Origami, which also became the name of their second album, recorded in 1996 but not released until 2008.]

Eric Nyberg (guitar/effects), Jeremy Turner (bass/vocals/percussion), Rob Gretsinger (drums/percussion/vocals)


“Atari Cluster” (CD, 1995) – Analog/Limecitron/Easter Island/Flat Ambhah Suspended/Uncanny/Landroid/Easter Island (Reprise)/Wizard Juan’s Cave/Alpha Centauri

“Origami” (CD, 2008 [recorded in 1996])


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