S – Section 46, Shutdown, Slow to Burn Records, Soy, etc.

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Back cover of Slow to Burn Records' Group Therapy Explosion compilation, ?.

Back cover of Slow to Burn Records’ Group Therapy Explosion compilation, 1996.



[Started by Cliff Shemilt, Dean, and Wolf Edwards as a distro in Jon’s Army Surplus. Later it was Jody Richards, Malcolm Croome and Jason Flower (who ordered the music), Nohnni Urich (who ordered zines), Sarah Bell and Nick Sheehan ( who ordered the books). Also Janet Woods, Andria Schall, Garrett? and other volunteers worked there.]


[Solo noise project.]

J.P. Langlois


“Ssshame…” demo (cassette, 1993?) – Powerful Man/D.I.S.C.O./F.R.I.E.ND./Jesus Hose Off (Parts 1, 2, 3.)/Cash/Dink/Retard/Street Kid/Dirt Bike/Pork Dale

“III” demo (cassette, 1993) – Huffing Glue (Pt. 1 Pleasure Island) (Pt. 2 The P.I.M.P.)/Rosy/Roberto Carlos de Jesus Bonilla/Ginsu/Galaxina/Party Animal Sinatra/Papa Bob/I Think I’m Alone/Gotta Get a Gun/If I Were a Carpenter/Moon Goddess/Cock Fight/Arctic (live Santa song)/Sacred Cow (live Retard song)/Bran Muffin (Sweet-Tarts)


[Sounded a lot like the band Winter.]

Chris Cunliffe (drums), Mike Wolfe (guitar), Noel ? (RIP) (bass)


Arctic (live) appeared on Sally Hose Off’s “III” demo (cassette, 1993)


[Very commercial sounding indie rock band featuring the brothers Stull, Caleb and Josh (ex-Dayworld). Santo played some all-ages shows in their early era and finished their career at the bars.]


“Dissonant Peeks” demo (cassette, 1995) – ??

“String Fellow Hawk” demo (cassette, 1995) -??

“The Star-Lick Baby 7″” (7″, 1996, Daisy Records) – ??

“Exit Planet Right” (CD, 1997, Daisy Records) – ??


[There’s a note here to “ask Tania.” I have no idea who Tania is.]



[Played some all-ages shows and lots of house parties.]

Xero Fetus (bass/guitar/vocals), Chris ? (bass/guitar/vocals), Jim Weileby (drums) [former members Little Jay (guitar) and Delaney (bass).]


[Members of Contempt, Lumpin Proletariat, and/or a side project? Political punk rock. Lettucehead claimed to have scurvy, thus the name of the band.]

Lettucehead (Chris Hughes), Garth ?

SEA OF SHIT [studios]

[Recording studio used by a lot of local punk bands.]

Founder: Scott Henderson


[Style unknown.]

Caridwen Irvine (violin/vocals), Damon Henry (bass), Eric Craven (drums), Jason Flower (guitar/vocals), Tasha Henry (vocals)


Self-titled (cassette, 199?) – [13 songs]

“Move the Time Has Never Been Up To” demo (cassette, 1994, Break Even) – Rigormortis/Empty/Converse/Tsering/It’s Metal/Timed Release Vitamin C/Skyblind/Marbles the Cat/Bunsmaster/Burnfeeder/Artemis Eats/DC-10/Cotton Mouth/Why Now?/Hermit/Moonlight/La Motta


[Punk with some ska, political and social lyrics. All demos recorded by Scott Henderson except the first one. After ‘88 demo, Chris left and they got new members, played a show two weeks after new members joined in Vancouver at an Anarchist book fair.]

Dan Ferneyhough (bass/vocals) (replaced Chris O’Brien), Jason Siska (drums/vocals), Rob Nesbitt (vocals/guitar), Tony Goluza (vocals/guitar)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1986) – High Treason/False Democracy/BDAG/Survive/Things Like This/PWD/Hypocrisy/The Not So Civil War/What Does Normal Mean/Some Things/Forgotten and Cast Aside/No Conformity/Cynics/Escape/Police Force/Ambition/We’re Fighting Back/Downfall/Kill the Hunter (for Sport)/Racist Asshole/Title Bout/Turn Your Back/Where Do We Go?/(The) Kids Always Lose/That’s All

“While Injustice Continues” demo (cassette, 1987, Incentive Records) – Just Listen/So Far Away/Parasites/Deeper Conditions/Pastel Sweaters/Even If I Wanted To/Second Class Citizens/On Man’s Opinion/Not Yet/Fuck Religion/Common Enemy/Speech Is Free/Genericide/They Call Us Red/Oppressive Dogma/C.S.I.S./Broken Trust/One By One

“The Downtrodden” demo (cassette, 1988, Incentive Records) – All These Years/It’s a Lie/Confrontation/Song’s About Love/Forgotten Sons/Knocking Them Down/Speak Yr Mind/You’re Diseased/Don’t You Forget/Wide Awake/Tomorrow’s Generation/Occupation/Nothing Matters Now/Sorry/Land of Opportunity/Someone’s Not Doing Their Job/Age of Desperation/I Don’t Want To Be An American/We Will Be Heard/Failure to Communicate/Avenge Anthony’s Death/M.F.C./Nothing’s Changed

V/A – “Sounds of War” (cassette, 1988, Seditious Blitz Records/Rise or Fall? zine – Santa Cruz, CA) – Just Listen/So Far Away/Fuck Religion/One by One

V/A – “Treibsand” (cassette, 1988, South of Glory Tapes – Schaffhauren, Switzerland) – Even if I Wanted To/Pastel Sweaters/One by One

Section 46/Shutdown split demo (cassette, 1989, Incentive Records) – Somewhere to Go/Class Domination/I Don’t Mind/The Day Has Come/Terry Sold Spine Grind/Promise Unfulfilled/War on the V.P.D./Law Enforcement/America’s Prayer/Closer than You Think

V/A – “We Know Who You Are!” (cassette, 1990, P&M Tapes – Suomi, Finland) – Just Listen/So Far Away/Parasites/Deeper Conditions/Pastel Sweaters

“By Myself” demo (cassette, 1990, Incentive Records) – By Myself/Lost Cause/Beliefs/Break/End the Hate/Different this Time/Free World/Jody/Heart of Darkness/One More Song/Gone/Another Time/Are We Losing Hope/Riffs for Money/Take Away Our Rights/Saving Grace/Hope & Rage/Inheritance/Everytime/Punk Song

V/A – “Nucleus – The Core” (cassette, 1990, Dr Bash Productions – Washington, DC) – By Myself/Lost Cause/Beliefs/Break

Unreleased recordings – 5 songs recorded in 1991

Unrecorded songs – Hope (Descendents cover)/The Right Brigade (Bad Brains cover)


[Changed their name to Gus after two shows because they found out Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds fame had a band called Seed.]

Steve McBean (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Tod Laverty (drums), Tolan McNeil (bass)


“One Third Hick” demo (cassette, 1992) – Drunk Harmonica/Cattle Prod Romeo/Coiler/Bad Disco/One Fucked Hick/Sister Punk



Aaron McKenzie (guitar), Bryce Blake (drums), Corey Peet (bass), Jay Parker (vocals), Mike Stoutley (guitar)


“Pulp” demo (cassette, ?) – [6 songs]

“Smells Like Home” demo (cassette, ?, Break Even Records) – Comatose/Snare/Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover)/Three/Perched/Pig

V/A – “Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Benefit Compilation” (cassette, 1996, Carpe Diem Records – Nanaimo, BC) – Pig


[1986-1990. A.k.a. S.A.M. or Son of SAM, which stood for Scott and Murray.]

Murray Acton, Scott Henderson (all instruments played by both members)


V/A – “Random Thoughts Vol. 2 – A Victoria Sampler (cassette, 1986, Lyle’s Places Cassettes) – Clock Running Too Fast (improv)

“The Window” demo (cassette, 1990, Incentive Records) – Zero Toleranz/The Power of Words/Variations 2A/Argh Fuck Kill (Dayglo Abortions cover)/Landing on Mars/Bring on the Drug Addicts/The Hockey Song/Inuition/Murder the Mayor/A Sharp Metal Edge/Mountain Ali/Armagedd-on/War in the Middle East



Aaron Clark (vocals), Dave Hughes (guitar), Devon O’Brien (drums), Jeff Turnbull (guitar), Matt Norrish (bass)


“Destroy Your Hate” demo (cassette, 199?) – We Built the End/Hear to Stay/Severence/Live to Love/Complete/Revenge/Let Me In

Self-titled demo (cassette, 1992) – Cold Fiction/Fucking Thief/Eternal Nothingness/You Know Who You Are (Old Bro’s 2)/To What It Needs


Founder: Teresa ?


[Energetic punk/hardcore.]

Dave Brown (guitar), Shawn McCombs (vocals), Ryan Moist (drums), Wade Swagar (bass)


“Slightly Polished” (7”/cassette, 1993, Slow to Burn Records) – Burnt/Later/Lost at P’s/6-3


[Emo rock. Disbanded in Spring of 2000. The band went through a second incarnation after 2000 with other members that included Dan And (Scanners, Pequod, Bison), Jessie Snow (Andre’s Last Chance) and Jordan Robson-Cramer (Fuck Me USA, Sunset Rubdown).]

Arlen Thompson (drums), Devon Grieve (mandolin/vocals), Jesse Scott (guitar/vocals), Mike Melgaard (keyboards)


[1987-1993?, funky prog hardcore. The liner notes from their “Stove Boy Deserves Daily Special” CD/LP read: “Produced by John Wright and Shovlhed at Dollhouse Studios in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Licenced from Incentive Records, 3326 Shelbourne st., Victoria, BC Canada”]

Chris Buck (electric bass/rat/vox), Ken Kempster (drums/vox/stove), Scott Henderson (electric guitar/rat/vox)


“Proud as a Moose” demo (cassette, 1989) – Satan’s Fretboard/Down/Great Big Pink State/Lugubrious/Work Till I Get Paid/Bag of My Own (James Brown cover)/Denardo’s Tiny Pads/Very Idea/Money + Profit/Great Deceiver (King Crimson cover)/Jazz Expediancy in the Nineties/Dance of Mayo/All Mighty/Desolation Blues/Whoz Bin Yooz in da Ba Froomz/I’ve Got It Made/Piano in Tablet Form/I’m Slowly Dying/Pigmy Twilighte (Frank Zappa cover)/Dull Edges

V/A – “Blobs Vol. 1” (7”, 1991, Way Out! Records) – Bug Party/Sex Dream #244

“Stove Boy Serves Daily Special” (CD/LP, 1992, KONKurrel) – In Store Credit Card Promotion Man/Come on Down/Zombie/D. Boon’s Shoes/Limbo of Bad Haircuts/You’ve Got Problems/Anxiety Attack/Keep Your Head Down Low/Cops Busted the Party/The Hostage Dreams of Home/Cascades/Lurch of Lust/Box of Dirt/My Private Island/Hooveling/Lemon Cheese Binge/You Are Here/Flower Punk/Prime Numbers & The Big Freezer/Something About Love   (CD also includes the following tracks:) Blue Green God/Satan’s Fretboard/Down/The Great Big Pink State/Lugubrious/Work Till I Get Paid/Bag of My Own/Denardo’s Tiny Pads/The Very Idea/Money and Profit/The Great Deceiver/The Dance of Mayo/Dull Edges

V/A – “King Konk: A Royal Compilation” (CD, 1994, Konkurrel, K152C) – The Hostage Dreams of Home


[An all-star type band fronted by Tom Holliston that played all-ages shows for the first few years and then switched mainly to bar shows. Holliston later joined Nomeansno and moved to Vancouver. Also features members of Pigment Vehicle, Nomeansno, etc. etc. 1987-current.]

Tom Holliston (guitar/vocals), Craig Vishek (guitar), Rob Wright (bass, guitar), John Wright (drums, cello, samples, vocals), Keith Rose (bass, vocals, percussion), Ford Pier (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion), Ken Kempster (drums, backing vocals), Scott Henderson (lead guitar, bass, samples, saxophone, guitar, flute, clarinet, banjo, mandolin, vocals), Ken Jensen (bass), Andy Kerr (guitar, bass, vocals), Carolyn Mark (backing vocals, keyboards, Jew’s harp, piano), Jennye Rieper (vocals), Marcus Pollard, Steven Mark Bailey, Craig Bougie (saxophone), etc.

Two demos available here, via the Victoria Demo Restoration Projeckt.

Other releases:

“Gold Love” (??, 1989) – ??

“The Bevelmont Horn!” (??, 1990) – ??

“I Thought It Was a Fig!” (??, 1991) – ??

V/A – “Blobs Vol. 1” (7”, 1991, Way Out! Records, WO 001) – Always the Last One to Know

V/A – “Blobs Vol. 2″ (7”, 1991, Way Out! Records, WO 002) – All Night Man/You Are the Leper

“Maybe It’s Just Me” (CD/cassette, 1992, Wrong Records, WRONG 3 – Vancouver, BC/Antena Krzyku, SIN 125) – Fun to Work With Chuck/I’m a Square/I’m in Love With a Guy Called Paul/Bats/My Slacks/Teeny Weeny Man/All Night Man/[Untitled]/Soul of a Woman/Story of P./That Weiport Feeling/Acres of Paper/The Things You Do/Crosswords/I Am the Yellow Fly/Pauline/Marvellous/Maybe It’s Just Me/Mistakes Happen/Small Problem/Country Ride on Demerol/Baldwang Must Die/This World Is Too Crowded/[untitled]/Ten Busy Little Men

V/A – “King Konk: A Royal Compilation” (CD, 1994, Konkurrel, K152C) – Fun Working with Chuck

“Let’s Have a Talk with the Dead” (??, 1995) – ??

The Showbusiness Giants/D.O.A split (10″, 1995, Essential Noise, VER 103) – I am the Lickspittle of the Animal Kingdom/Little Things/Sound Check (Songs by D.O.A. – Vancouver, BC: Marijuana Motherfucker/Order)

V/A – “Triple Scoop 3” (CD, 1995, EMI Music Canada, Toronto, ON) – Fun Working with Chuck

“Will There Be Corn” (??, 1997) – ??

“Self-Aggrandizement Keeps Us Going…” (??, 2000) – ??

V/A – “Sex with Nothing” (CD, 2002, Rat’s Nest/Em Tee Head Productons, MT010) – I’m a Square


[Brentwood Bay Hardcore!]

Arlen Thompsen (guitar), Dave Lewkowich (guitar), Luke Ramsey (vocals), Tristan Hume (bass), Jarrod Metzger (drums)


[1987-1995, punk/hardcore. Lots of their releases available here, via the Victoria Demo Restoration Projeckt.]

Dustin Schwam (drums), Joe Pertratur (guitar) (replaced Rob Duffy), Mark Morrison (bass) (replaced Randy Long [RIP]), Trevor ? (vocals) (replaced Paul Shrimpton who replaced Dave Eaton) [previous members – Paul Spriggs (guitar)]


Shutdown/Section 46 split demo (cassette, 1989, Incentive Records) – Plastique/Roadblock/Ritchie’s Outa There/Final High/Wife Beating Man/Natural High

“4-Song Rehearsal Tape” (cassette, 1990) – Six Faced Lie/The Mechanic/What You Are/Untitled
“No More Fuckin’ Privacy!” demo (cassette, 1990, Incentive Records?) – Fix/Don’t Want That/Thermos/Fish People/Curbstomp/Full Deck/Broham/Cruisin’/Thick/Attitude Project/Police Woman/Good Hits/Sauce Monkey/One Way or Another (Blondie cover)

“Tales of Numbness and Bliss” demo (cassette, 199?) – Fix/Don’t Want That/Thermos/Stickin’ It In/Teflon/Fish People/Curbstomp/Full Deck/Broham/Cruisin’/Thick/Attitude Project/Police Woman/Good Hits/Sauce Monkey/One Way or Another (Blondie cover)

Self-titled (7” on light green vinyl, 1991, Chikara Records – Kamloops, BC) – The Mechanic/What You Are/Six Faced Lie/Fights

Live at Harpo’s bootleg (cassette, recorded July 15, 1991, Victoria Demo Restoration Projekt) – What Comes From Your Hell/Fights/Six Faced Lie/Short Eyes/What You Are/Beverly Hills and Skank (Circle Jerks cover)/Parched/Nothing Much At All/Plastique/Revenge (Black Flag cover)/Fuckin’ Idiot/Richard Hung Himself (D.I. cover)/It’s Called/The Itch

“In There” demo (cassette, 1991) – Police Woman/Bottled Caress/Jack Tripper/Asleep at the Wheel

Demo (cassette, 1994?) – Sometimes/Tow Truck Driver/Generation Excrement/Made to Suffer/Jack Tripper

 “3 Toonz” (cassette, 199?) – Mark Can’t Drive/Ground Zero/From Above/Right is Right


[Jock punk/hardcore.  Sick Cense a.k.a. Six Cents formed in 1994 and broke up in 1997. Liner notes from their demo: “Sick Sense would like to thank: Shutdown, Breach, Eunicks, L.O.C., Hungio, Chow Guys, Jaks Team, Billcardel, Mark Franklin, Jamer, Ray, Brandt and his Toyota, Jodi, Tyler, Jordan, XXX, Haner, Zigzag, 3300Cook St., Diesel.”]

Jimbo (?), Pat (drums), Brian (?)


“Sick Sense” demo (cassette, 1993) – Lies/Coming 4 U/Budda/Star Wars/Fuckable Grungette/Heat Score/Burning the Cow/Night Raven



[While I don’t think they played any shows, Sidknee Spittttt did make a lot of shirts.  They played funny punk rock, a highlight being their cover of “Amazing Grace,” played  straightforward.  Existed some time in the early-to-mid ‘90s.]

Charlotte Rennison, Melanie Flower, Tanya ?


[Changed their name to Empty.]

SITE [promoters]

Founders: Cam Pipes, Steve Bays


[Sleeping Dragon Media Collective was open to submissions and run out of the Mad Genius’ activist centre.]


[Slow to Burn Records also booked local all-ages shows. After Wade moved to Nelson, Slow to Burn was taken over by Josh Garvin of Castlegar, BC, who bought up the old stock.]

Founders: Dave Brown, Wade Swagar


STB-001 – Shiner – “Slightly Polished (7”/cassette, 1993)

STB-002 – Mblanket – “Seen it Coming” (7”, 1993)

STB-003 – Benchwarmer – “Pud” (7”, 1994)

STB-004 – Goat Boy/Nothing To Lose split (7”, 1994/95?)

STB-005 – Gus – “Hetero Bash Was Flipper” (7”, 1995)

STB-006 – Mblanket – “Safety” (7”, 1995)

STB-007 – Render Useless – self-titled (7”, 1996)

STB-008 – V/A – “Group Therapy Explosion…” (CD, 1996) – Gus (Vancouver, BC), Halycon Days (Lawrence, KS), Ache Hour Credo, Goat Boy, Ten Dead Men, Hickey (San Francisco, CA), Daddy’s Hands, Pebble (Vancouver, BC), Submission Hold (Vancouver, BC), Dillinger Mob, Black Market Fruits, Benchwarmer, Ground Round (Santa Rosa, CA), Hudson Mack, Offense A.D. (Detroit, MI), Republic of Freedom Fighters, Render Useless


[Did Ramones covers. Straightforward punk with political lyrics and lesbian issues in their songs.]

Lyndsay Sung (drums), ??




[Garage rock/surf.]

Dave Barclay (guitar/vocals), Duncan Gidney? (vocals/saxophone), Mike Croy (bass), ? (drums)


V/A – “Vancouver Island Sucks” (CD, 2000, Angry Landlord Records – Campbell River, BC) – Boathouse


[This band might have been pre-1990.]

Darryl Clarke, Mike Synnuck (?), Tony Goluza


[Skate punks doing political rap.]

Members unknown.


[Power violence. A link to their Bandcamp page is here.]

Doug MacMinn (drums/vocals), The Cruiser (Jeff Kruys) (bass/vocals), Paul Chantry (guitar)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1996, Hebdomadal Omphaloskepsif Media Productions) – It’s Tom Clancy’s World, We Just Live In It/Arbiter’s Manifesto/The Ab-Flexor Within/Kill Both Danny And Larry/You Millenialist Dumb Fucks, Fuck You!/Oh, Those Gosh-Darned Crazy C.E.O.’s!/A&R Chump Alert/Squire Barnes: Chicken Chop

“Tales from Tofugraphic Oceans” (7″, 1997, Sensitive Thespian Records) – People Who Always Fuck Up on Their Plurals and Possessives Really Get Me Down/Podgy/Ballad of Wendy Grutlin/Context is Everything

V/A – “Go!  47 Canadian HC Bands” (CD/double LP, 1996/1998, Fans of Bad Productions – Kingston, ON) – Arbiter’s Manifesto

V/A – “Hardcore Hillbillies” (cassette, 1997, Jalden Records) – Kill Both Danny and Larry

V/A – “Hymns for the Hearing Impaired” (CD, 1997, Bad People Records – Boulder, CO) – A and R Chump Alert

V/A – “Undergound: An Anthology of Canadian Underground Music Volume 2” (CD, 199?, Meathead Records – Thunder Bay, ON) – The Song Title That Dares Not Speak It’s Name

Unreleased recordings – Is Dan Rather a Poofta?


[Broke up, strangely personal and emotional lyrics for a pop-punk band. A Face to Face influence perhaps?]

Brian Glatiotis (vocals), Christian Head (guitar), Jeremy Erickson (drums/vocals), Josh Erickson (guitar/vocals), Trevor Diet (bass)


“Stranglehold” demo (cassette, 1997, Martini Records) – Punk Uprising/Lying Sick/Stranglehold/GRO/Bring Me Down/Deak and Perch/Ghosts/Cast Down/Continuity/Model Citizen

Self-titled (CD, 2000, Identity Records – Kelowna, BC) – Stagnant/B.O.B./Coming Down/Butler Pennyworth/Rocker/Burning Ring/Bottled Boy/Go Burn Out/Worthwhile Day/Buckin’/M.U.Y.A./Down to Earth



Christopher McDiarmid (drums), Jonathon Aiello (bass), Jym Wilson (vocals), Trevor Fielding (guitar/vocals)


“Our Name is Our Only Handicap” demo (cassette, 1997) – The Glasgow Kiss/Up Yours/Freedom (George Michael cover)/Pinprick/Ambling Amok/Girl-Girl Guy/The Ex-Jews/Gelding/Tongue Joke No. 10/Rubber Shark/Hunting with a Bowl and Spoon/Clam Chowder/Talk Dirty to Me (Poison cover)/Hate the World/Process of Elimination

V/A – “Hardcore Hillbillies” (cassette, 1997, Jalden Records) – Lost Interest


Founders: Christopher McDiarmid, Jym Wilson, Trevor Fielding


[Punk rock.]

Charlie ? (guitar/vocals), Gary Brainless (drums/vocals), Mark ? (bass/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 199?) – Too Much Metal/Be Safe/I Want/It’s Up to You/Instrumental/No Were to Run

V/A – “Victoria Newlywed Nearlydead” (CD, 199?, Em Tee Head Productions) – Decline of the American Empire


[Punk rock.]

Dave Morin (guitar/vocals), Sylvain Lejour (bass/vocals) (replaced Jay Vandervoort), Pat (drums/vocals) (replaced Vic Early (drums/vocals)


“Tar & Nicotine – Together Again at Last…” demo (cassette, 1992) – L.M.M./Spox Brain/So Sad/Humpty Dumpty/Fuck the Fernwood/Dead Hair/Funky Condom Sex/Don’t Abuse Me/Hard Rock/GAK/Salty the Cat/Mr Dik/Poor Little Loser/All Fucked Up

“UPC” demo (cassette, 1993) – Old Old Man/Cover Band/Not My Fault/Data’s Head/A.C.O.A./Insecure/Freak Show/I Say to You/Give Back the Night/Stop this Shit/Jealousy/Magarret’s Hair/50’s Rock/D.O.M./Sensitive Redneck/Long Way Home/Chilie Clones/Newfoundland Man

“Christmas with the Splatter Boys” demo (cassette, 1993) – Rudolf/Poem/Christmas Time (acoustic version)/Merry Fucking Christmas/Jingle Bells/Poem/Christmas Time (not acoustic version)

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (LP/cassette/CD, 1994/1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Pride

Unreleased recordings – Shyster Burger/Looser/Whatever You Want/Mystik Stick/Running from a Bad Dream/Coming Home/”Cactus sessions” – several unreleased songs came from this session

Unrecorded songs – Halibut + Maggie May/Man Hater


[Goofy ska/surf with some hardcore bits, 1995-1998.]

Ami Brosseau (keyboards), Brad Kurushima (guitar/vocals), Hal Ferris (bass), Peter Roland (drums)


“Theme from… Zortron” demo (cassette, 199?) – I Let You into My House/Blood Type B Socks Duck/&$!% Yoo !/The Village People/3-4

“That Would Be Illogical” demo (cassette, 199?, Break Even Records) – Look It in the Eye/Can’t Stand Still/Loath/Up and Leave/No Place for You

Unreleased recordings – Apologies/Bring Out Your Dead/(lots more)


[Recording studio.]



Dustin Hawthorne, Cam Pipes?, Steve Bays?


[House shows took place here, near Mayfair Mall. Lots of shows here 1998-1991-ish. Did Green Day play here?]

Founder: Doug Copley? (it was Doug’s house?)

STEREO-TYPE RECORDS (record label)

Founder: Kevin Scofield


V/A – “Surrender to the Garden City” (cassette, 1997) – Run Chico Run/Santo/Melody Wey/Loud Twin Bell/Dixie’s Death Pool/The Trousers/The Defektors/Dead Stars/Hard to Say/Mono Pilot/Eerie Lakes

Run Chico Run – “A Secretary Speaks” (7”, 199?) – ??


[Formed in July ‘89. Previously known as Drain Pipe.]

Chris Sartisohn (guitar), Jason Flower (guitar/vocals), Jeremy Turner (drums/vocals), Mark Johnstone (bass/vocals)


Demo – ??

Stick Farm/The Perfect Crime split (7”, 1991, Flight 13 Records – Freiburg, Germany) – Doors of Perception/The Mission

“Gut” (7”, 1991, Flight 13 Records – Freiburg, Germany) – Hydraulic Foundation/Global Tribe

V/A – “Flight 13” (7”, 1992?, Flight 13 Records – Freiburg, Germany) – [did this come out????]

V/A – “Screaming for a Better Future Vol. ?” (LP, 199?, Flight 13 Records – Freiburg, Germany) – ?


[Pop-punk, formerly known as Pez. “The demo listed, and two others from 1994 and 1995, were never available for sale, only given out to radio stations, prospective labels and the band members. There were only a handful of each made (eight to 12 maximum, maybe?),” says vocalist/guitarist Glen Mullaly.]

Glen Mullaly (vocals/guitar), Jamie Fulton (drums/vocals), Jonathan Murphy (bass/vocals) (replaced James “Parge” Pargiter), Tim Horner (guitar)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1993) – Defibrillaton/Jon Von/Try/Punk as Hell/Say/Adios Amigo/Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah (Jetscreamer cover)/What Can We Do?/Dollhouse/The Best/Wait in Line

V/A – “13 Soda Punx” (CD/LP, 1994, Top Drawer/Munster Records – Spain) – Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (v.2)

“Happy Now” (7″, 1995, Munster Records – Spain) – Trudy 2 Time (v.2)/Hot Shoe Man/Defibrillation (v.2)/Brickyard Trail

 V/A – “Full Dynamic Range” (CD, 1995) – Keeper/Trudy 2 Time/My Back

“Share It” (7”, 1995, Lance Rock Records – Nanaimo, BC) – Share It/Dollhouse/Hoodlum

V/A – “Oh Canaduh – A Collection of Canadian Punk Rock Covers” (LP/CD, 1995, Lance Rock Records – Nanaimo, BC) – American Bandstand (Infamous Scientists cover)

V/A – “On Guard for Thee” (CD/LP, 1995, Au-Go-Go, ANDA 204 – Australia/Rock & Roll Inc., R&R-INC006 – Spain) – No Go

“Dead Mars Revenge” (7”, 1997, Famous Fuzz Records – Calgary, AB) – Dead Mars Revenge/Searchlight/Blackout/Chop Chop

V/A – “Straight into the Action” (LP, 1998, Wild Weekend Records – Germany) – I Think You Stink


[Garage rock. “The Sugarbuzz and PixieStix Six Six are just names I gave to recordings for Magic Teeth Records. Not real bands in any shape or form,” says Kent Bendall.]

Kent Bendall


[Power pop.]

Jamie Fulton (drums), Rob Nesbitt (guitar/vocals), Simon Jenkins (bass), Todd Sparrow (guitar/vocals)


V/A – “Magic Teeth Record #1” (7” with zine, 1997, Magic Teeth Records) – Lots to Say

SUREFIRE RECORDS [record store]

[Located on Gladstone in the Fernwood Square, was open for  approx. eight months in 1996.]

Founders: Dave Brown, Wade Swagar


[1993-1996, prog-college rock-punk.]

Eric Proulx (guitar/sample interface), Ken Kempster (drums/vocals), Mark Franklin (bass), Scott Henderson (vocals/guitar)


“Unquiet Thoughts” (CD,?) – ??

V/A – “King Konk: A Royal Compilation” (CD, 1994, Konkurrel, K152C) – Bullshit Keeps Us Happy

V/A – “Fuck the Commonwealth” (cassette/CD, 1995, Fans of Bad Productions) – Junior


[1998, became Missiles to Heaven.]

Brad Kurushima (bass/vocals), Dustin Hawthorne (guitar/vocals), Steve Bays (drums)

  1. ART says:

    Shrunken Heads other members: Tristan Hume (Bass), Jarrod Metzger (Drums). Brentwood Bay Hardcore!

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