V-Z – The Vinaigrettes, Wanting to Work with Clay, Wrought:Ironsmile, etc.

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Generation Gap
Wrought:Ironsmile at the Fernwood Community Centre (a.k.a. Little Fernwood) seemingly playing to one person (is that our friend from Japan, Yuki?!)

Wrought:Ironsmile at the Fernwood Community Centre (a.k.a. Little Fernwood) seemingly playing to two people, one who is sitting and one who is standing  (hey, is that our friend from Japan, Yuki?!).



[1991-1998. Led by Carolyn Mark. The band’s bassist and local producer Scott Henderson was pictured in drag on the album cover of “Gross Negligee.” Guitarist/vocalist Kim Stewart left in 1995.]

Carolyn Mark (vocals/guitar), Paulina Ortlieb (bass) (replaced Scott Henderson who replaced Catherine), Kim Stewart (guitar/vocals), Brigette Wilkins (guitar/vocals), Gord Marshall (drums) (replaced Ed Dobek who replaced Calvin Dick who replaced Kerry ? who played snare/vocals)


V/A – “Blobs Vol. 1” (7”, 1991, Way Out! Records) – Vinaigrettes Theme Song/Beatles Ripoff

“Live at the Waldorf” demo (cassette, 1991) – ??

V/A – “Dead on the Road: Songs without Keyboards” (CD, 1993, Raw Energy Records – Toronto, ON) – You Make Me Sick

V/A – “Groove Garden – Victoria Independent Music Compilation” (CD, 1994) – P.S. I Hate You/Blind Spot

V/A – “Rock for Choice” (cassette, 1994, Vancouver, BC) – Blind Spot

“Atta Boy Girl” (CD, 1995, ??) – ??

“Gross Negligee” (CD, 1996, ??) – Story of My Life/The Last Laugh/Not About $/Easy Ellie Taylor/Tinker Tailor/A Little Something/Mr. Yuk/Mason St. Blues/Waking Up (Is Hard to Do)/Fairweather Friends/Emotional Band-Aids/Icicles/Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)/Fright Train

V.O.I.D. [promoters]

[Also did shows under the name Gumby and Pokey Productions. 1994-1999. Sister and brother team Katrina and Jim Weileby put on all-ages shows at a variety of different venues, including the Fernwood Community Centre (a.k.a. Little Fernwood) and The Underground On-Ramp. “My daughter was the number one contact for organizing all ages shows for quite a few years,” says their mother, Laura. “When she still lived at home, I recall taking phone messages for her from bands calling from all over the place: Kansas, Montreal, Alaska, California, etc. I’d always ask, ‘So how do you know my daughter?’ They’d say stuff like her name being published in a book of who’s who for major band contacts [Maximumrocknroll’s “Book Your Own Fucking Life” guide], finding her on-line, word of mouth, etc. She organized many shows for bands like Hudson Mack and Render Useless. She and my son, Jim, later teamed up and organized all ages shows together under the name of their childhood nicknames, Gumby and Pokey Productions.”  Jim remembers the first show his sister (Katreena Weileby) did on her own: “We used to work with the Fernwood Community Association, putting on shows there with lots of other kids from our junior high school. We coined the name ‘The Little Fernwood’ after this connection opened up the Fernwood Community Center for shows, naturally becoming ‘The Big Fernwood.’ The cops came because we put up posters all over the city with Fuckpig in big letters and she got a warning that if she posts again in the future she would get a $500 fine for each poster with a profanity. The show went on without a hitch after the cops left, as well as the fire marshall brought by the police to check fire regulations (counting people, etc.)” Jim recalls more details about the shows he put on with his sister: “We worked together on a lot of stuff and worked separately on our own shows. We worked with the city and community centres. At the curling rink we had SNFU, Pluto, and some other band paid by the citys’ money. Chi Pig opened bags of wheat puffs into the crowd, which got into the speakers, taking away all profitability of that show. Other than that a great show. I think that was a part of Sunfest 97′. I also worked on early stages of planning on Skate Jam ’98 with a youth group that was working with the city of Victoria. It was a skate competition that ended each day with 10 bands, mostly local.” Jim now owns a marketing company in Montreal and Katreena runs event planning company Ignite Events in Vancouver.]

Founders: Katreena and Jim Weileby



Matt Pollard (vocals/guitars), Joe Sousa (guitar/vocals); Andrew Woolford (bass/vocals); David Taylor (drums)


“On Beyond Zebra” demo (cassette, ?) – Sorry/She/Open Your Eyes/Say It Again/Funk the Dog/Heaven Is Music/Leaves/Tijuana/Fish/Hey!/My Reward/Don’t Know Why/Joe’s Mind/Good-Bye



The Cruiser (Jeff Kruys) (guitar/vocals/percussion), Carbuncle Penis-Vein (Niall McLachlan) (bass/keyboards)


“We Canadians Love Fibreglass” demo (cassette, 1993) – Mayonnaise and Brown Sugar/An Organic Pollutant Enters a Lake at a Constant Rate of P Grams Per Day/Metal Meets Light/Fleamale Anti-Phlegminist/This Band Rocks/Heart of Gold (Neil Young cover)/Pull Him Out Head First on a Blanket/Triple K Coffee Club/That Screeching Is Kind of Irritating/The Darling of Quebec/One Iteration of Iterative Refinement/First TV, Then the Movies/Earth in Upheaval/We Canadians Love Fibreglass/Millenium Falcon/Metal’s Newest Supergroup/Pause Time for the Comma Dial Modifiers/Mr. Sharma Was Chasing Me/Black Friday (Megadeth cover)/A Relaxing 50 Minute Journey Up the Pacific Coast/Yoko Ono Would be Impressed/Good King Wenceslas/So It’s Okay to Kill Someone Who’s Suicidal?/Axel F (Herbie Hancock cover)/The Fractions of Cents Lost in Interest Transactions/Vocal Powerhouse, Scathing Licks/Diesel Mechanics Diploma/Bitch Smiles and Pees However She Pleases/Swing Over to the Heart of Jazz



Brian Clement, Bryn?, Jordy Picard??


V/A – “The Dollar Show & Trial” (video, 1999?, Frontline Films)


Eric Boros (noise/vocals), Sarah Bell (vocals)


“Infinite Cycles of Abuse” demo (cassette, 1998, Garbage Society/Brimming Vessels) – Sunshine & Nightmares/Tale of a Familiar Stranger/Shadow Stories/Decadent Overload/Lessons Unlearned/Cover Your Eyes


Founder: Rick Andrews


WO 001 – V/A – “Blobs Vol. 1” (7”, 1991?) – The Hanson Brothers, The Show Business Giants, Shovlhed, The Vinaigrettes

WO 002 – V/A – “Blobs Vol. 2” (7”, clear orange vinyl, 1991) – The Show Business Giants – You Are a Leper/All Night Man (also features The Squirrels  from Seattle, WA – Beautiful Sunday/Seasons in the Sun-The Hustle)

WO 003 – V/A – “Blobs Vol. 3″ (7”, 1992) – Bum and Scott Henderson – Where in the World/The Last Castrato/OK Wine/I Wanna Be

PV – Squids



Ben Cherry (drums?), Dave Truscott (guitar), ??


[1992-1994, sounded a lot like King Salmon.]

Chris Cunliffe (drums), Sally Hose-Off (J.P. Langlois) (vocals/guitar), Serena Lander (bass), Soma Morse (guitar), Sunneane ? (guitar/vocals)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1992) – Butch/Black Madonna/Kramm/Hot Rod to Hell/Captain Howdy/Sabbath Hose I, II, & III/Hellroar


[1992-1994? Was there a Weld demo called “Murder”?]

Dwayne Seginowich (drums), Michael Gallant (vocals), Noah McNair (bass), Ryan ? (guitar)


Self-titled demo (cassette, 1993, Break Even Records/Stinkin’ Agnes Records) – Straightjacket/Pipewrench/Spring Lamb/White Walls/Axeman/Murder/Staring into the Eyes of a Dead Rabbit/Dum Dum (Butthole Surfers cover)/Premature Ejaculation/Snoboy

WET NAP [zine]

[1989-1992, potpourri of crazy stuff.]

Founder: Maxine Smolkin


[2000, ambient soundscapes, played about three or four shows.]

Arlen Thompsen (keyboards), Christina Nilsen? (keyboards), Michael Dirkson (guitar), Oliver ? (drums)

Unreleased recordings – at least 15 songs


[Used to be called Wire Mother, before that Monkey Juice.]

Gerald Hogrefe (vocals), Gilbert Hogrefe (guitar), Dale Rice (bass) [Other members – Brian (bass), Sean Brooks (bass).]

“Flipper’s Labia” was one of their songs, 1992


[Note here to “ask Tania,” and still can’t remember who Tania is.]

Members unknown.


[Progressive emo-rock. Their Last FM page is here. A blog posting via Desperate and Lonely (in Russian?!) is here. More info (this time in English via Lyrics Will Not Reach the Audience) can be found here.]

Greg Pratt (drums/vocals), Neil Cooke-Dallin (guitar/vocals), Sean Thomas (bass/vocals)


“I Fear My Government, I Fear My Mother When She’s Mad at Me for Not Cleaning My Room, but When I Hear My Music, I Fear Nothing” (7”, 1997, Diminutive Records/France’s Fjord Records/Polka-Haunt-Us Records) – Valentine’s Day/Twenty-one and Counting/Let Down/Rush ’n’ Attack (adaptation of “La Cardinalle” – Milleran) “Now fuck, that’s not exactly the kind of way I wanna get hammered, man/Some of the stations… he doesn’t know where they’re comin’ from.”

V/A – “Mutilated Carcass Volume 4” (cassette, 1997, Pure Fucking Chaos – Salt Lake City, UT) – Valentine’s Day (taped on the wrong speed!)

V/A – “8:11 on a Summer Night” (cassette, 1997, Diminutive Records) – 3 Weeks/One Year Ago (live in Duncan, B.C., Oct.19/97)

Rot:Ironsmile/The Warsaw Union split (cassette, 1997, Diminutive/France’s Fjord) – Fill in the Blanks/Seamless/Not Guilt/Floods Come Again (The Warsaw Union – Duncan, BC – songs not listed)

V/A – “Merge, Merge!:  A Rainforest Action Network Benefit Compilation” (cassette, 1998?, Dopamine – Kingston, ON) – The Cell Phone Fiasco

“This is My Song, This is My Story” (7”, 1998, Her Magic Field Records – Umea, Sweden) – Neither Here Nor There/Paper, Rock, Scissors (Part One)

Wrought:Ironsmile/Die.Kosmo.Gesellschaft split (7”, 1999, Cmplctn 27 – Halle, Germany/Swingbe:at – Berlin, Germany) – The Cell Phone Fiasco/(untitled) (Die.Kosmo.Gesellschaft – Berlin, Germany – songs not listed)


Live on CITR radio – Vancouver, BC (April 3, 1997) – Fill in the Blanks/Seamless/Valentine’s Day/Floods Come Again

Unreleased recordings – XS/Paper, Rock, Scissors (Part Two)/Paschendale/(untitled improv)

Unrecorded songs – The Fight Scene from “The Outsiders”/View Towers Is Burning/Doctor Said/Rave/(Egypt-sea chanty song)



[Pencil crayon cover art, weirdo electronic noises, bleeps and bloops.)

Jeremy Turner (noises)


“H.E.O.” (7”, 1995)

  1. Jim says:

    When we were doing shows The Fernwood Community Association (1923 Fernwood Road) ( also had other names afterwards) we called the Little Fernwood. The Fernwood Communtiy Center (1240 Gladstone around the corner from the little fernwood) we called the Big Fernwood. It’s the Fernwood community Association that started VOID which my sister, myself and our classmates joined as an after school program that was to keep us busy and off the streets and I guess off drugs. My sister and I were the only ones that kept putting on shows after VOID was dissolved.

  2. Shawn Turkington says:

    Vox Populi members: Matt Pollard (vocals/guitar); Joe Sousa (guitar/vocals); Andrew Woolford (bass/vocals); David Taylor (drums)

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